Research papers, peer-reviewed

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Helama S. (2012): A Review of Citation Patterns in Doctoral Dissertations at the Department of Geology, University of Helsinki, Finland, since 1896. Science & Technology Libraries 31, 180-189.

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Helama S.
, Seppä, H., Bjune, A. E. & Birks, H. J. B. (2012): Fusing pollen-stratigraphic and dendroclimatic proxy data to reconstruct summer temperature variability during the past 7.5 ka in subarctic Fennoscandia. Journal of Paleolimnology 48, 272-286. DATA

Holopainen J.
, Rickard I. J. & Helama S. (2012): Climatic signatures in crops and grain prices in 19th-century Sweden. The Holocene 22, 939-945.

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Helama S.
, Hyttinen O. & Salonen V.-P. (2012): Late Weichselian varve archives re-explored to assess proglacial sedimentary chronologies using the principles of tree-ring analysis. Progress in Physical Geography 36, 188-209.

Helama S., Läänelaid A., Raisio J. & Tuomenvirta H. (2012): Mortality of urban pines in Helsinki explored using tree rings and climate records. Trees 26, 353-362

Läänelaid A.
, Helama S., Kull A., Timonen M. & Jaagus, J. (2012): Common growth signal and spatial synchrony of the chronologies of tree-rings from pines in the Baltic Sea region over the last nine centuries. Dendrochronologia 30, 147-155.

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Helama S. (
2011): Sclerochronology – Mussels as Bookkeepers of Aquatic Environment. In: McGevin L. E. (ed.): Mussels: Anatomy, Habitat and Environmental Impact. Hauppauge, Nova Science Publishers. ISBN: 978-1-61761-763-8, pp. 395-412.

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& Hood B.C. (2011): Stone Age midden deposition assessed by bivalve sclerochronology and radiocarbon wiggle-matching of Arctica islandica shell increments. Journal of Archaeological Science 38, 452-460.

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Geografiska Annaler: Series A, Physical Geography 93, 17-26.

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Rickard I.J., Holopainen J., Helama S., Helle S., Russell A.F. & Lummaa V. (2010): Food availability at birth limited reproductive success in historical humans. Ecology 91, 3515-3525.
Research highlights: The New York Times January 3, 2011. LINK

Helama S.
, Eronen M. & Timonen M. (2010): Dendroécologie des bois fossiles dans le nord de la Laponie. In: Payette S. & Filion L. (eds.): La Dendroécologie: Principes, méthodes et applications. Presses de l’Université Laval, Québec. Québec. ISBN: 978-2-7637-9086-2, pp. 709-730.

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, Seppä, H., Birks, H.J.B. & Bjune, A.E. (2010): Reconciling pollen-stratigraphical and tree-ring evidence for high- and low-frequency temperature variability in the past millennium. Quaternary Science Reviews 29, 3905-3918.

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, Macias Fauria M., Mielikäinen K., Timonen M. & Eronen M. (2010): Sub-Milankovitch solar forcing of past climates: mid and late Holocene perspectives. Geological Society of America Bulletin 122, 1981-1988

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Helama S.
& Holopainen J. (2010): Climate change and pure geography: proximity, landscape and cartography in the context of J.G. Granö’s theory. Alue ja Ympäristö 39, 3-14.

Macias Fauria M.
, Grinsted A., Helama S., Moore J., Timonen M., Martma T., Isaksson E. & Eronen M. (2010): Unprecedented low twentieth century winter sea ice extent in the Western Nordic Seas since A.D. 1200. Climate Dynamics 34, 781-795.

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, Meriläinen J. & Tuomenvirta H. (2009)
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, Helama S., Kajander J. M., Korhonen J., Launiainen J., Nevanlinna H., Reissell A. & Salonen V.-P. (2009): A multiproxy reconstruction of spring temperature in south-west Finland since AD 1750.
Climatic Change 92, 213-233.

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