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  The Academy is divided into two departments: science and the humanities. The former is subdivided into nine sections and the latter into eight. The Board of the Academy consists of its President, Vice President, Secretary General, Treasurer, the Secretaries of the two departments, the Chairman of the publishing committee, and three ordinary members.

The Society is divided into four sections: mathematics and physics (including chemistry), biosciences (including medicine and geography), the humanities, and the social sciences. The general administration of the Society is led by its Permanent Secretary. The Board of the Society is chaired by the President and consists of 13 members, eight of which represent the four sections.

The Board of Facte consists of its Chairman, Vice Chairman and six members. Three of these represent the Finnish Academy of Technology, three the Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences in Finland, one the Finnish Foundation of Technology and one represents the corporate members.

Facte has six experts groups in the areas of education, energy, technology of information and telecommunication, schooling, traffic, materials and forestry. Additionally, it has a working group on the history of technology.