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  Both the Academy and the Society elect recognized scholars as their members. Membership is for life, but at the age of 70 (65 from the year 2001; the Academy) or 67 (the Society) ordinary members become senior members and a corresponding number of new ordinary members can be invited. In addition to ordinary, senior and honorary members, both academies also elect foreign members. 

The present limit of ordinary members of the Academy is 328. The number of senoir members is 127, and the number of foreign members 200. 

The number of ordinary members of the Society is restricted to 120, with 30 members in each of Society´s four sections. The number of senior members is 76 and there are 116 foreign members.

There are no person members in the Finnish Academies of Technology. The two academies elect as their members those persons who with their own innovative activity have promoted technological research and technical development in general. However, even though membership is for life, ordinary membership in both organizations is limited to those members who are under 65 years of age. In the Finnish Academy of Technology the limit is 230 and in the Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences in Finland 80. Both Academies have also foreign members.