The Delegation
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  The Delegation is composed of the President and ten Board members, five each from the Academy and the Society. Ex-officio members are the Presidents, Vice Presidents, Secretaries General and Treasurers of the Academy and the Society. The Delegation elects its Secretary General and Treasurer from among its members. In addition, there are two members from the Finnish Academy of Technology and one from the Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences in Finland. 

The Delegation is the National Adhering Organization of the International Council of Scientific Unions, ICSU, and of its Unions and Special Committees. At the national level, the Delegation contributes to the publication of a popular science magazine (Tiede) and takes part in arranging "Science Days", the aim of which is to increase the understanding of science and the humanities among the general public. 

Furthermore, the Delegation maintains contacts with other international non-governmental scientific organizations like the European Science Foundation and ALLEA (All European Academies), as well as with academies in other countries. It maintains and develops the traditional ways of cooperation with the Baltic and Scandinavian academies of science and letters.