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Translation of German belongs to the Department of Modern Languages.

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Career prospects and alumni

Studies in German translation prepare students for different kinds of duties in the business world, culture sector and public administration. For instance, graduates find employment

  • As experts in multilingual communication
  • As translators or interpreters
  • As coordinators in translation services
  • As project managers
  • As terminology experts
  • In international communications

In addition, depending on the studies, it is possible to find employment in ministries, the media, different kinds of cultural institutions or organisations as well as in national and international organisations or tourism. The University of Helsinki offers the most comprehensive selection of disciplines in Finland, which means that students can include a wide range of studies leading to different kinds of career paths in their degree.

If a student majoring in German translation also completes the specialist option in subject teaching, he or she will be qualified to teach German at comprehensive and upper secondary schools as well as in adult education.

After completing the Master’s studies, students can also go on to complete postgraduate studies and later build a career as a university researcher or teacher.

Alumni relations

Alumni of the University of Helsinki