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Translation of German belongs to the Department of Modern Languages.

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Possible minor subjects

In addition to the compulsory minor subjects (i.e., basic studies in Finnish for translators and basic studies in translation studies), students may choose, for instance, another translation or philology discipline as their minor subject. Depending on their interests, translators can also specialise in one particular field. Typically, students choose their minor subject on the basis of their own interests and/or career planning.

The selection of available minor subjects is the widest in Finland at the students’ home university. Most of the Faculty’s disciplines can be freely studied as minor subjects; other minor subjects are also available at other University of Helsinki faculties. In addition, minor subjects can also be completed under the flexible study rights agreement (JOO studies) at other Finnish universities (if the subject in question is not available at the University of Helsinki) and abroad (through student exchange, for instance).