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Welcome to the website for Translation of German!

German is the most widely spoken language in Europe. It is the most important language of business and tourism after English. Germany is one of the strongest economic areas in the world and has the largest amount of foreign trade after the United States. It has long been one of Finland’s three most important trade partners. Because of this active import activity, texts written in German, such as user instructions, package leaflets, software documentation and agreements, are widely translated into Finnish.

The cultural significance of Germany is also great: the country produces literature and films whilst participating in and actively supporting different cultural projects, about which information written in Finnish is in demand. Germany is also an important cultural destination. Similarly, as it is a significant location of conferences and fairs, the translation and interpreting of the language is in great demand. On the Internet, German is the most important language after English.

Studies in German translation prepare students primarily for the profession of a translator or an interpreter but also for expert duties in multilingual and intercultural communication at a more general level. In addition to German, Finnish has an important role in the degree programme because it is the other working language of translators and interpreters.

For more information about working as a translator and an interpreter, see, for instance, the website of the Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters.