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Germanic philology graduates are successful in finding employment. German is the native language of 100 million people and a significant language in the European Union.

After completion of their studies, the graduates from Germanic Philology find employment, for example, in teaching duties of basic and adult education and various duties requiring language and cultural competence in public and private sectors, especially as translators, in service businesses and universities.

In recent years, Germany has regained its earlier position as an important leader in economic and cultural life, which has increased the demand for experts in German language and culture in the whole of Europe including Finland.  Experts in the German language and German-speaking countries are needed, for example, in the communications and tourism service sectors, in advertising, commerce, industry and information technology.

Career orientation and practical training

Completing career orientation studies or practical training is compulsory for both the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Students are advised to include practical training in their Master’s degree because doing so may help secure future employment and introduce them to interesting career possibilities.

Students can complete their practical training in public administration, state-owned businesses or private businesses in either Finland or abroad. Sponsored traineeships are announced on the Department noticeboard and mailing lists in January and February. It is also possible to obtain a suitable traineeship independently.


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