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German Philology belongs to the Department of Modern Languages.

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The students of Germanic Philology acquaint themselves with the German language, literature and culture of German-speaking countries. Moreover, the studies focus on the historical development of the German language and the common origin of Germanic languages.

Studies require prior German skills. The studies further develop good written and oral skills in standard German and hone the language skills required in professional and official contexts as well as strengthen the knowledge of language varieties and the literature and culture of the German-speaking area. Practical language exercises are used to develop language skills. The studies may also include a language training period in a German-speaking country.

The students may specialise either in linguistics or literary research and culture, or combine studies from each specialisation option in their degree. Professional training courses are offered to students wishing to pursue a profession as teacher. Studies in the closest cognate language of German, Dutch, can be included in the studies of Germanic philology or studied as a minor subject.

The focus areas of research in Germanic Philology at the University of Helsinki include phraseology, lexicography, syntax and word formation, media language, contrastive linguistics and its didactic application, history of grammar, and German literature in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.