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German Philology belongs to the Department of Modern Languages.

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Students of Germanic philology familiarise themselves with the German language, the literature and culture of German-speaking countries, and their study. The studies also focus on the historical development of German language and literature.

The aim is to prepare students for expertise in their field, which includes

  • Excellent written and spoken skills in standard German, as required in professional and official situations
  • Solid knowledge of the structure and varieties of the language as well as of the literature and cultural background of the German-speaking cultural area
  • The ability to examine these scientifically

After graduation, students of Germanic philology find employment as teachers in basic and adult education, and in a variety of – also international – positions requiring linguistic and cultural expertise in the public and the private sectors as well as in research.

Germanic philology belongs to the German discipline group.

At first, students complete joint basic studies in German, after which they can choose one of the following specialist options: the general option, the specialist option in subject teaching and the specialist option in translation. The options differ from each other in terms of their key aims, content and compulsory minor subjects. Those students who have been admitted to the specialist option in translation complete their intermediate and advanced studies in the discipline of German translation.

The studies may also include basic studies in the minor subject of Dutch language and culture.