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Ruralia Institute researches equality of the working life

Artur Steiner Ruralia Institute, as a partner of a consortium project, has been granted funding from the Strategic Research Council at the Academy of Finland for the research project "Social and Economic Sustainability of Future Working Life: Policies, Equalities and Intersectionalities in Finland (WEALL)". The WEALL project produces scientific knowledge on how ongoing societal and organizational changes affect expectations and create new challenges to the renewal of basic services and benefit schemes in working life.

The multidisciplinary research group examines equalities and inequalities in the work life as regards, for example, age, gender and ethnicity. In the research consortium, Ruralia Institute is responsible for bringing the regional aspect into the focus by examining how rural-urban dimension is reflected in the promotion of equality and inclusiveness of working life. The project is characterized by a participatory approach and ongoing dialogue with the stakeholders in order to offer new kind of solutions for basic services and benefit schemes on working life.

The responsible leader of the research consortium is Professor Marjut Jyrkinen (University of Helsinki, Department of Philosophy, History, Culture and Art Studies). The other Finnish consortium partners are University of Jyväskylä, School of Business and Economics and Hanken School of Economics. The research team at Ruralia Institute consists of Professor Sami Kurki, Senior researcher Merja Lähdesmäki and Doctoral candidate Timo Suutari.

The 16 consortia for the first strategic research programmes were selected by the Strategic Research Council on 14 September 2015. The funding instrument for strategic research is designed to support long-term and programme-based research. The funded consortia were related to the following three themes: Disruptive Technologies and Changing Institutions, A Climate-Neutral and Resource-Scarce Finland and Equality in Society.


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