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The Co-op Network Studies –study entity

Co-op Network Studies (CNS) is a university network, founded in 2005, which offers students the possibility to take cooperative and other social economy enterprises related matters as a minor subject. The subjects are taught in a multidisciplinary approach. The network also develops the research and teaching in the field. The CNS network consists of ten universities in Finland. All teaching is developed, produced and coordinated by the University of Helsinki Ruralia Institute in Mikkeli with the help of the universities in the CNS-network.

The study program consists of five courses at the basic study level (Bachelor's and Master's degree studies) and five courses at the intermediate study level (Master's degree and postgraduate studies). The courses are worth five credit points (=135 hrs of work) each, except for the students of the Aalto University School of Economics in Helsinki and of the Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT), for whom the courses are adapted in order to allow earning six credit points.

Admission to the intermediate level courses requires the first three basic level courses to be completed (Co-operative values and principles I, Co-operative law I and Co-operative values and principles as applied in different types of enterprises I). The first three of the courses at the intermediate level take up the subjects of the first three basic level courses, however in a more in-depth and a more applied way.

The students may choose between either individual courses or more comprehensive study units. The program is carried out in close connection with research on co-operatives and social economy, on one hand, and the business community, on the other. The Finnish Co-operative Advisory Board (Osuustoiminnan neuvottelukunta, representative of the cooperative movement in Finland) is a partner of the network and one of its main funders.

The know-how of the network partners allows for multidisciplinary teaching. This is an added value for the development of the knowledge and skills, as well as the values and attitudes related to cooperatives and other social economy enterprises. A person who has completed the study program will not only have reached the essential learning goals concerning cooperatives and other social economy enterprises, but will also have gained practical insights into the diversity of economic life. The courses are useful also for those whose primary interest does not lie with co-operatives and other social economy enterprises.

The program is in Finnish, but some of the courses are taught also in English. Soon the program will be offered also in English

More information: eLearning coordinator Tytti Klén,

  • CNS-P1 Co-operative values and principles I 10.7.–20.8.2017 (in English)

  • Helsinki Summer School: Co-operative Enterprise law 8.–24.8.2017
  • Teacher: Hagen Henrý (
    Coordinator: Tytti Klén(