The Nordic Master's Degree Programme in Theology:

The Religious Roots of Europe (RRE)

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Structure and Content


Terms, modules and progression of studies

The Religious Roots of Europe (RRE) is a two-year programme.

The Programme is assigned 120 ECTS credits altogether consisting of four terms covering 30 ECTS credits full-time study.

The Programme consists of modules that vary in the number of ECTS credits allotted to each. There is a progression within each separate module, as well as a progression between the different terms.  

Students must complete requirements for a lower module before advancing to the next. It follows that the master thesis should be assessed as the final module in the education.

For a more detailed description of the structure of the programme and the description of the individual modules see Study Plan in Aarhus University programme website.

Master of Theology with specialisation in the Religious Roots of Europe 120 cr (= ECTS)

Master’s thesis 40 cr

The Master’s thesis is written in conjunction with a seminar to be led by a supervisor who offers guidance in the treatment of subject matter, methodology and compositional techniques; the seminar includes the composition of a personal study plan; students have to pass a maturity test.

Major Advanced Studies 80 cr

    • The Study of Ancient Religion, 10 cr
    • Interaction between the Religions or Texts from a particular religion or Classical language, 3 x 10 cr*
    • The emergence of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, 10 cr
    • Interaction between the religions, 2 x 10 cr**
    • Texts from a particular religion, 10 cr***
    • The Three Religions in Contemporary Perspective, 10 cr

      * These three modules cannot contain more than two ten-credit modules in Classical Languages. One of the modules has to be either an Interaction between the Religions or Text from a Particular Religion module.
      ** In this module alternative courses are offered each academic year.
      *** In this module alternative courses are offered each academic year.

    E-learning system used in the programme: AULA

    Language support for students in Helsinki

    A university-funded project at the Language Centre offers English language support for students in English-Medium Master's Programmes free of charge. Because many students in these programmes perceive a need to develop their academic writing skills, the project aims at helping students become familiar with the necessary tools to write their Master’s thesis or other study-related texts. The support systems the project offers are tailored to the needs and timetables of each programme. In addition to the support given by the project, students in Master's Programmes may take any courses offered by the Language Centre.