The Nordic Master's Degree Programme in Theology:

The Religious Roots of Europe (RRE)

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Faculty of Theology
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FI-00014 University of Helsinki

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Key Research Areas


Understanding religion to understand the world

The Faculty of Theology at the University of Helsinki is committed to researching the significance of religion individually, culturally and socially, in order to provide informed comment on the enormous challenges facing contemporary Europe, such as religious fundamentalism, multiculturalism, interfaith dialogue, value pluralism and social welfare.

The Faculty is a non-denominational academic community.

Highest quality research

The high quality of our research has been confirmed in several international assessments. The Faculty of Theology hosts two Centres of Excellence (CoE) in Research (2014-2019) funded by the Academy of Finland:  CoE in Changes in Sacred Texts and Traditions and CoE in Reason and Religious Recognition.

Internationally acknowledged expertise

The faculty of the University of Helsinki will make a special contribution to the RRE programme through their internationally recognized expertise in the study of the Dead Sea Scrolls, “Gnosticism” and the Nag Hammadi Library, and Jewish Christianity.

Some biblical scholars have also specialized in the use of cognitive and social-psychological theories in the study of early Judaism and Christianity, and some philosophers of religion are internationally known for their investigations into the psychological background of ancient, medieval and early modern ethical and political theories.

The University of Helsinki will also offer regular courses or a possibility for distance learning in Greek, Hebrew, and Coptic.