The Nordic Master's Degree Programme in Theology:

The Religious Roots of Europe (RRE)

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Faculty of Theology
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FI-00014 University of Helsinki

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Career Prospects


As a graduate from this programme you will qualify for innovative scholarly work and for further education, e.g. in PhD programmes, as well as for teaching on religion and intercultural relations. You will also be able to enter into specialised occupations in government institutions or organisations dealing with culture, integration, diplomacy etc. and in private firms for example with business relations with the Middle East. 

The qualified teaching staff of the programme endows students with both specialized up-to-date knowledge and relevant communication skills which continue to be highly valued in the current labor market.

A succesful career requires student effort

The task of forming a successful career with theological knowledge requires openness to diverse perspectives and a readiness to construct relevant connections.

Expertise on religions, their interaction and their role in society and culture is increasingly recognised as important to society. The task of opening the door from the general recognition of this to a specific career in private companies, organisations and public administration is best fulfilled through your ingenuity, openness and creativity.    

Career Services of University of Helsinki

Career Services gives support to students planning for their future both during their studies and a year after the completion of their degrees. Students studying in an International Master's Degree programme such as RCD can take a course in Career planning provided by Career Services.

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