The Nordic Master's Degree Programme in Theology:

The Religious Roots of Europe (RRE)

Admissions Contact Information

Faculty of Theology
Vuorikatu 3 (P.O. Box 4)
FI-00014 University of Helsinki

e-mail: theol-studies(at)


Entry Requirements, Application procedure and Selection criteria


The next application period begins December 1 2015 ending January 27 2016 at 15:00 (GTM +2).

The admission quota for Admission 2016 is 8 new students.

Eligible applicants for the Religious Roots of Europe Master's degree programme
The programme is open to applicants who have completed a suitable Bachelor's degree or an equivalent degree in Finland or abroad. Also eligible are applicants who will have completed a suitable Bachelor's degree or an equivalent degree by 31 July 2016, so that by the time they enrol at the University, they will be able to present their diploma.

Admission requirements for 2016

  • A Bachelor’s degree in a field of study relevant to the programme (e.g. theology, religious studies, classical philology, semitic languages, classical archaeology, history).
  • The applicant must have or anticipate having a Bachelor ’s degree from a recognised and internationally acknowledged University.
  • A documented proficiency in at least one “classical” language (i.e., 15 credit points in Greek, Latin, Hebrew or Arabic; or 15 credit points altogether in two “classical” languages). In exceptional cases the applicant can demonstrate the required proficiency in classical languages in other ways indicated by the the Academic coordinator of The Religious Roots of Europe and the Admissions Committee of the Faculty of Theology.
  • A documented proficiency in English (see below).
  • Each applicant must submit a CV and a Letter of Motivation. Motivation letter should communicate the
    1) the reasons why the applicant wants to study in the programme,
    2) how the applicants' previous educational and possible work experience supports studying in a 2-year long degree programme, and
    3) how the programme supports applicants' career plans.
  • If there are more eligible applicants than can be admitted to the programme, the selection decision will be made on the basis of the grades received in prior studies as well as the CV and the letter of motivation

English language requirements
In accordance with Rector’s Decision No. 017/2013, international applicants are required to have academic level proficiency in English in order to be able to successfully complete their studies. Table of required language test scores and ways to prove the language skills can be found here. Please read it carefully.

Finnish applicants
taking their studies at Finnish Higher Education Institution need to present officially certified copy of degree certificate and/or transcript of records of English as foreign language included in degree programme.

Pending Bachelor’s degree

If your final Bachelor’s diploma and transcript are not available within the application period and you are applying for one of the International Master’s Degree Programmes, do not wait to receive your final papers. Instead, submit the documents you have (the latest transcript, provisional certificate, or some other educational assessment document indicating your status) and point out the anticipated university graduation date on the online applicant registration form available during the application period above.

Application form and enclosures
Prospective students apply via University Admissions Finland (UAF). Registration form must be filled in online. The application file including printed and signed application form and all required other documents must be sent to UAF by the deadline and according to the instructions of the UH. The Faculty evaluates the application files after the deadline.

Required enclosures:

  1. Officially certified copies of the degree certificate and transcript which indicate the qualification for eligiblity to apply (see above Eligible applicants) and of any other degree certificates the applicant wishes to present for consideration (all documents with official translations if needed)
  2. Possible country-specific enclosures as specified by the UH
  3. Documentation of proficiency in English
  4. Motivation letter in English (to be included in the application form)
  5. In addition, if available:
    1. Diploma Supplement
    2. Certificate Supplement

If the original application documents are not in English, Finnish or Swedish, an officially certified translation made by an official translator must be enclosed. The applicant must submit officially certified copies of both the original documents and their translations as required by the UH.

All information about application documents provided by the UH should be read carefully through before sending in any documents.

More detailed instructions on submitting the application and the enclosures are available at Admissions Services of the UH.

The Faculty may request further clarification of the applicant’s documents. On request, the applicant must submit additional information in writing within the time specified by the Faculty.

Should there be any questions about the application process please contact the Admission Services of the UH.

The Faculty of Theology will consider the applications only if they meet the minimum criteria
i.e. the applicant
1) submits the application as requested by the University of Helsinki,
2) submits the application enclosures specified for the programme as requested by the University of Helsinki,
3) has previously completed a degree which gives eligibility for a programme leading to a Master’s degree and
4) meets the specified language requirements set for the programme. The Faculty will not consider applications that fail to meet the minimum criteria specified above.

Application documents will not be returned to the applicant.

Notification of the results of the student selection
Admissions Committee of the Faculty will grant the right to pursue the degree. All applicants whose applications have been considered by the Faculty will be notified of the student selection results by email by the mid of April 2016. Successful applicants will also receive a letter notifying them of the admission to the RRE programme and more information about their studies.

Accepting the offer of the study place
Successful applicants must inform the International Affairs Oficer of the Faculty as specified by the Admissions Committee of the Faculty whether they accept the place in the programme by June 10, 2016 at 16.00 local Helsinki time. Successful applicants must also submit their other enrolment documents by the time specified by the Faculty. More information about this will be emailed to the accepted students.

Applicants who have been admitted conditionally must submit their final degree certificate and transcript by 29 July 2016 at 16.00 local Helsinki time. The documents must be submitted according to the requirements of the UH.

Applicants on the reserve list accepted to the programme must accept the study place and submit the required documents by the deadline specified in the acceptance letter by the Faculty.

Accepted applicants who fail to notify the Faculty of accepting the study place and submit the required documents by the deadlines will forfeit their place in the programme.

Studies begin in autumn semester 2015. The Faculty may require original application documents to be delivered to the Faculty at the beginning of the academic year.

Applicants dissatisfied with the decision about student selection may appeal to the Admissions Committee of the Faculty of Theology. The appeal must be submitted in writing and indicate in detail the decision against which the appeal is submitted as well as the grounds for the appeal. The appeal must arrive to the Admissions Committee as indicated in the notice of the admission letter within 14 days of the publication of the admission decision. Applicants dissatisfied with the decision of the Admission Committee may appeal to the Helsinki Administrative Court. Decisions made by the Administrative Court are not subject to appeal.