The Nordic Master's Degree Programme in Theology:

The Religious Roots of Europe (RRE)

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Welcome to study in the The Religious Roots of Europe Master's programme!

RRE exposes students to
traditions, formative processes and mutual interaction in the ancient world of the three most influential religions at the root of European culture and history: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Lines are also drawn to the modern interaction between these religions. No other religious studies programme has this focus and angle.

The studies are organized through in-person courses, tutorials and face-to-face compact seminars with e-learning courses harnessing the strengths of six Nordic universities: Aarhus, Bergen, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Lund and Oslo. The students are based on one of the six universities and follow e-learning courses at one or more of the five other universities. Compact seminars are organised at all these institutions as well as in Nordic institutes in the Mediterranean area.

The student feedback tells that the collaboration is the strength and the success in RRE. Furthermore, the international, open study environment and the highly regarded teachers have resulted in almost non-existent drop-out rate from the programme.

The religious and cultural expertise in religions is increasingly valued in various operations in companies, organisations and in society in general. RRE qualifies also for further innovative scholarly work, e.g. PhD programmes.

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RRE student stories

Meet RRE Alumnus / Alumna »»

Name: Saara Saturo
Graduation year: 2013
Employer and position: Danceteam International and Head of Danceteam Africa as well as dancer and dance instructor
Dancing with multicultural children »»

Name: Danny Eastman
Graduation year: 2013
Employer and position: PhD Student at Yale University
“I would generally describe my studies in the RRE program as rewarding” »»

Name: Laura Korhonen
Graduation year: 2014
Employer and position: Kiuruvesi parish, Evangelical Lutheran pastor
It’s impossible to understand the present if we don’t know the past »»


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