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Welcome to Psychology in University of Helsinki!

Psychology is a discipline which pursues to explain human behaviour. Psychology in the University of Helsinki has its roots in the laboratory of experimental psychology, started in the 1920’s by the professor of philosophy Eino Kaila.

Today the Psychology unit is a lively centre of research and education in psychology and cognitive science. The following areas of psychology are represented: perception and cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, clinical psychology, traffic psychology, neuropsychology, personality psychology, psychometrics and methodology, psychology of work, technology, and organisations. Since the 1 st of August 2004, psychology has been part of the Faculty of Behavioural Sciences,and since the 1st of January 2010, part of the Institute of Behavioural Sciences.

The research and education has been evaluated by international evaluators to be excellent. Psychology has also been awarded for its use of learning technology and has been granted the position as Center of Excellence by the Finnish Ministry of Education.

Teachers and researchers of psychology and cognitive science at the Institute of Behavioural Sciences have worked in five divisions:

Developmental and clinical psychology
Cognitive and neuropsychology
Cognitive science
Methodologies, technologies, organisations and innovations
Personality, work and health psychology

From the 1st of January 2017 Psychology will be part of the Faculty of Medicine.

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NB! The Bachelor and Master degree programs can be completed only in the Finnish language.

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