Principal Investigator Team Alumni Contact Information

Postal Address:
Cognitive Brain Research Unit
Institute of Behavioral Science
PO Box 9
FIN-00014 University of Helsinki

Office Address:
Cognitive Brain Research Unit
Institute of Behavioral Science
University of Helsinki
Siltavuorenpenger 1 B
Rooms 466 and 470

Phone: +358-(0)9-19129455


Group Description

The research agenda of the Neuroaesthetics of Music Group (NMG) emerges from the realization that music is, at root, an aesthetic-emotional phenomenon. It cannot be described merely by comparison with a cognitive, rule-based system like language. The next breakthrough to understanding this phenomenon and its clinical applications relies in pinning down its neural mechanisms along with the sources of its individual variation. We also aim at revealing the domain-specific and domain-general aspects of aesthetic music processes, such as enjoyment, preference, and beauty judgments.

If you are interested in research opportunities with the NMG, please get in touch. Undergraduate students and post-docs should send a CV, transcript, a sample of writing, and a short description of why they are interested in this area of research and the time commitment they are able to make.

Current Projects


Our research is funded by the Academy of Finland (post-doctoral project number 133673 Center of Excellence in Interdisciplinary Music Research project number 141106), a 3-year grant of the University of Helsinki, project funds of the Aalto University School of Science, and TEKES (FiDiPro programme to Prof. A. K. Nandi).