Spring Symposium 4th-6th OF MARCH 2019
Infocenter, Auditorium 2

Who should participate?

The Spring Symposium is organised by the Doctoral Programme in Wildlife Biology Research (Finnish acronym LUOVA) of the University of Helsinki. The symposium brings together students active in research fields related to ecology, evolution, systematics and nature conservation.

PhD students from LUOVA and other relevant doctoral programmes can get one (1) ECTS credit by submitting an abstract and giving an oral presentation. This event gives you an opportunity to present your work in a friendly atmosphere and to gain valuable feedback from other students and international evaluators.

Master students in relevant fields can earn two (2) ECTS credits by presenting your work as a poster.

The evaluators will award the best talk with Olli's prize which is a 1000 € sponsorship to participate an international conference. This year there will also be nice prizes for the runner ups and a prize for the best poster. All prizes will be announced at the Grande Finale on the last evening.


Abstract and presentation should be in English. Each talk may last 15 minutes plus an additional 5 minutes for discussion. The chair of each session will intervene if presentations exceed the provided time slot.


Posters should be in DIN A0 and portrait format. If you need help with your poster, the organisers would be happy to give you some tips. Don't hesitate to contact us! Posters need to be hung up at the beginning of the spring symposium (Monday morning), we will make sure there are enough places for the number of posters and we'll provide the needed equipment to hang the posters with. On Tuesday we will have a poster session where the owners of the posters are expected to stay with their poster to answer questions from the audience.

We encourage you to design your own posters. Of course, you can consider poster templates if you like. Click the links below to download:

Template for Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences

Template for Faculty of Agricultural and Forest Sciences

You can find poster templates on Uni Material Bank by searching "poster" if needed.

You can participate our Poster Clinic on the 13th February (Wednesday) 2019 to discuss poster making with our expert and your peers. The event will take place in Room 6201, Biocentre 3. You can bring a poster draft or an abstract with Introduction, Methods and Materials, Results, and Conclusion with you. No registration is needed for this event.

Credits for non-presenting undergraduate students

You can get two (2) ECTS credits by listening at least twenty presentations, filling in feedback forms of the presentations and writing a learning diary.

Aim of the learning diary is to help you become aware and acknowledge what you have learnt. Except for summarising the presentations, record your new thoughts, opinions and comments about the presentations. Criticize and argue, but remember to give full reasons for your criticism. You can also write about scientific presentation skills you learned during the talks.

The learning diary should be at least 4 pages (max. 10 pages). Please remember to put your student number in your learning diary and send to otso.ovaskainen(at)helsinki.fi by March 15th!

Feedback forms will be given to speakers and they will be collected immediately after each session.

Symposium venue

Infocenter Korona in Viikki (Viikinkaari 11) is the main building of Helsinki University's Viikki campus. The Helsinki University Science Library in Viikki and the Viikki Library of Helsinki form its central part. The faculty and campus administration, other auxiliary services and some of the most important teaching and lecture facilities are also situated in this building.

Spring Symposium 2019 will be held in Auditorium 2 of Infocenter Korona.


Korjaamon Baari & Keittiö (Töölönkatu 51 B)

Symposium Dinner

We are organising an evening social for Masters/PhD students and Post Docs interested in speaking with any of the keynote speakers. If interested, we hope you can join for food, snack and/or beverages at Korjaamon Baari & Keittiö (Töölönkatu 51 B) on Tuesday, March 5, at 19:00. Looking forward to interesting discussions and a fun evening :)

Please email marion.sinclair-waters(at)helsinki.fi if you plan to attend. This way we can ensure there is space for everyone.

Grande Finale

Time: 6th March, starting at 18.00
Place: Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden

The Grande Finale 2019 will be organized on the evening of the last symposium day, 6th March, at the Greenhouse (Glass House) of the Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden, located in Kaisaniemenranta 2 , in the centre of Helsinki. The distance from the central railway station is approximately 600 meters and 10 mins by walk.

The Grande Finale is open to all students and staff members. Please register for the Grande Finale when registering for the symposium.

Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden

Map of Viikki

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Got questions, tips or recommendations? You can contact the organizing committee directly