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What is GoCore?

GoCore is a free bioinformatics tool for protein sequence alignment and analysis. It operates as an Excel add-in, creating additional menu items that perform the bioinformatics analyses and uses Excel's convenient user interface to provide useful visualizations. Anybody who can use Excel will find it easy to use GoCore.

GoCore V now released!

GoCore V is the fifth version of the cited Excel-based protein sequence analysis software. This version puts a special focus on user friendliness, and learns to adjust to your way of working. An organized 'Bioinformatics workbook' concept, wizards, context-sensitive tools and documentation make it easier than ever to extract new knowledge from your protein sequences. Additionally, GoCore contains built-in sample data to get you started and links to the online user manual at every stage.

A Recent GoCore Citation

Immunoneutralization of Growth Differentiation Factor 9 Reveals It Partially Accounts for Mouse Oocyte Mitogenic Activity. 

Gilchrist RB, Ritter LJ, Cranfield M, Jeffery LA, Amato F, Scott SJ, Myllymaa S, Kaivo-Oja N, Lankinen H, Mottershead DG, Groome NP, Ritvos O. 

Biology of Reproduction 2004 Sep; 71(3): 732-9

In this article by Gilchrist et al., GoCore is used to show that the epitope targeted by a GDF9-neutralizing antibody is well-conserved across mammalian species and unique when compared with a divergent set of TGF-b superfamily members.


How You Can Help

Luke Jeffery photoThere are many ways in which you can help the GoCore project to continue and develop.

Spread the word. If you are using GoCore in your research, please cite the tool's website in any resulting publications. You can also spread the word by linking to GoCore on your website, writing a software review, or mentioning GoCore in relevant forums.

Develop GoCore. Please let us know if you experience any problems with the software, and if you have any suggestions for future features in GoCore 6. Additionally, collaboration is welcome. If you have some useful functions to add to the GoCore software, please contact us.


If you have any questions or comments about GoCore software or the website,

please send an email to Luke.Jeffery@helsinki.fi, or send a fax to Luke Jeffery at +358-9-191-25664