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FI-00014 University of Helsinki
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Plant virology/ pathology

The main research theme in the Plant Virology Laboratory is to elucidate how plants defend against virus infections and how viruses circumvent or suppress host defence.


We are involved in characterization of new viruses from cultivated plants, and carry out studies on viruses infecting wild plants.


Soil-borne viruses, such as Potato mop-top virus, and soil-borne diseases of potato caused by other pathogens that are important in northern Europe are also addressed in some of our projects.


Plant virus diseases in the developing countries in East Africa and Nicaragua are studied with the local universities and research institutes. Most of these activities focus on viruses of sweetpotato and cassava, but also potato. Studies aim to contribute to the production of healthy seed and planting materials and provide new sources of virus resistance to breeding programmes.


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