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Studies in Portuguese philosophy provide students with excellent practical language skills as well as a solid understanding of the literature, history and culture of Portuguese-speaking countries. In addition to practical language skills, the studies offer basic knowledge on the structures and history of the Portuguese language. After the basic studies, students may choose to focus on linguistics or literature.

Studies in Portuguese philology may be for you, if you are interested in

  • Work with a fascinating, exotic culture
  • Portuguese or Latin music
  • An esteemed, interesting literary tradition
  • The structures of language and the origin of words

More than two hundred million people speak Portuguese worldwide. Learning the language opens doors to a large, rich cultural area. Proficiency in Portuguese is needed for a wide range of jobs: teacher, translator, language expert in a company or an international organisation. The employment status of graduates is good.

In addition to studies that develop practical language skills, the degree requirements and teaching of Portuguese philology consists of the study of different areas of linguistics, as well as literature and cultural history. The studies give students the opportunity to graduate with the skills needed for a variety of professions.

The studies are useful especially for students of Romance languages, but the subject is also well-suited as a minor for others who wish to broaden their language skills. The number of Portuguese philology students has increased steadily during recent years.

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