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Portuguese Philology
Department of Modern Languages

P.O. Box 24 (Unioninkatu 40)
00014 University of Helsinki

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Portuguese philology

MELO E ABREU, Liisa, University Lecturer
U40 B526, tel. +358 2941 23791
Fields of interest: syntax of contemporary Portuguese
Email: liisa.abreu[at]

RIIHO, Timo, Professor in Ibero-Romance languages
U40 B517, tel. +358 2 941 23794
Email: timo.riiho[at]

PALMA, Sofia, Lecturer at the Camões Institute
U40 B526, tel. +358 2 941 23791
Email: sofia.palma[at]

CARVALHO RIBEIRO, Patrícia, Centro Cultural Brasil Finlândia

BENININ LEINO, Bianca,Centro Cultural Brasil Finlândia


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