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  • Double-Thermoresponsive Macromolecules

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Double-Thermoresponsive Macromolecules

New polymer architectures containing poly(dimethylaminoethyl methacrylate) (PDMAEMA) and poly(ethylene oxide) (PEO) have been synthesized. PDMAEMA is a polymer which can show phase separation at low and high temperature (UCST-type transition at low temperatures and LCST-type transitions at elevated temperatures). E.g. heteroarm star-shaped polymers consisting of four / six arms of PDMAEMA and two arms of PEO were prepared and investigated in buffered solutions. When multivalent counterions are present, they form micelles at low and high temperatures. PEO acts then as the solubilizing part. Also dumbbell-shaped polymers consisting of star-shaped PDMAEMA as compact associating groups at the termini of a PEO spacer containing the same constituents were prepared for use in advanced hydrogel applications. thermoresponsive