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  • New polymers prepared from natural oils for coatings and paper and  
    packaging systems

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New polymers prepared from natural oils for coatings and paper and packaging systems

There is an increasing demand for sustainable development to replace  fossil based products with novel renewable materials. Hence, new  innovations, products, and materials with enhanced performance and  specific functional properties in harmony with the principles of   sustainable development are of great importance.

This work is carried out in the Future Biorefinery (FuBio) research  programme of Finnish Bioeconomy Cluster FIBIC Oy. In this project, new  environmentally friendly hybrid polymers with special properties are  developed to be focused on paper and packaging applications. A special  emphasis is placed on tailoring functionalities aiming to important  improvements on substrate properties, such as paper and/or paperboard  water repellency, oleophobicity, and surface strength. The work is  conducted especially via copolymerization and functionalization of  tall oil fatty acids (TOFA) based alkyd resins, but also tall oil  rosin acids and rapeseed oil have been studied. The synthesized TOFA  alkyd -based copolymers have shown good water and grease repellency  properties as well the film strength properties are suitable for the   possible applications [1, 2].

In our earlier project, same kind of copolymers were synthesized and  studied. In that study, TOFA-based alkyd resins have been modified  with acrylate monomers via miniemulsion polymerization. The ratio  between alkyd resin and acrylate monomers was varied and the effect on  polymerization and copolymer binder properties, such as particle size,  molecular weight, grafting of acrylate to alkyd resin, and reaction of  alkyd double bonds, were studied.  This project was carried out in the  Wood Material Science Research Programme and was a part of a larger  project in which eco-efficient TOFA-based alkyd coating systems and  modified wood products for use in building, joinery, and outdoor  applications were developed [3].

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 alkydacrylate structure