812197 Tropical plants of economic importance (KTT507), 2 cr

Ananas comosus. Kuva: Jouko Rikkinen

Course information

Stacks: Angiosperms | Gymnosperms

The course is meant for Master’s degree, visiting and exchange students in plant production sciences and related disciplines. The course is studied independently in the Pinkka E-Learning Environment throughout the year. There are also some materials and a rehearsal test in the course Moodle site. Students who are interested in taking the course should contact the person responsible for the course.

Preceedings studies: Basic course in botany.

Objective: To learn to identify 100 tropical plants of economic importance (crop plants, ornamental plants and weeds), and to know their uses and origins.
Evaluation: Course test in the Moodle, scale 0-5. Time of examination is agreed with the responsible person of the course.

Responsible person: Johanna Kolehmainen, Dept. of Agricultural Sciences, Viikki Campus, Latokartanonkaari 5, C-building, 3rd floor, room 335, email: johanna.kolehmainen(at)helsinki.fi