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Virtual Forest

Pinkka: All the plants in Virtual Forest | Plants in dry heath forests | Plants in moist heath forests | Plants in groves | Plants in the tree layer | Plants in the bush layer | Plants in the field layer | Plants in the ground layer

Virtual Forest is a web-based, open access learning environment of Finnish forests. Virtual Forest brings the forest into your own computer.

While roaming the paths of Virtual Forest you get to know the forests through and through: all its parts and inhabitants, structure and form, and how they all work together.

On the path you will meet different plant and animal species, and you will get to see, how humans impact on forests. You will get to peek at different forest types in Finland, and also the amazing biodiversity of forests.

Virtual Forest is designed for primary school pupils between the ages of 10-13 years (p5-p6), but it can easily be used in the teaching of other classes as well.

Virtual Forest is made by Terttu Jussila (part of Master's thesis, Department of Biosciences). testi

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