Non-degree studies

The right to pursue non-degree studies may be granted to persons who are not entitled to complete a degree at the University of Helsinki. Such a right may be granted for the purpose of supplementing academic or vocational qualifications or of completing courses to be included in a degree completed elsewhere. Rights to complete non-degree studies are granted within the limits of the Faculty’s teaching resources and based on the scope and grades of the applicant’s previous studies.

The right to complete non-degree studies does not grant the right to complete a full degree at the University nor does it offer the same benefits and rights enjoyed by students pursuing an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. The right to complete studies only covers the studies for which the right has specifically been granted. The right will be valid for two years.

Non-degree studies are subject to a charge.
Individual courses:                    15 €/credit

The application periods for non-degree studies admission take place twice a year. The application periods are in April and October: 1.4.-30.4. and 1.10-31.10.

Please use the application form below:

  • Application for non-degree studies (in use only during the application periods)

Required appendices to the application:

If the studies are to be included in a degree completed elsewhere: a copy of the official transcript of studies must be enclosed.

If the studies are to be completed for further qualifications after a degree completed earlier: a copy of the official transcript and the degree certificate must be enclosed.

If the studies are to be completed to supplement professional qualifications: a statement from the employer and copies of certificates related to the field must be enclosed.

To legalize a degree completed abroad: A statement from Valvira (National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health) and required language certificates are enclosed to the application. See more information about licensing on the grounds of a Bachelor or Master of Science (Pharmacy) degree completed abroad.