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Faculty Office:
Viikinkaari 5 E (P.O. Box 56)
00014 University of Helsinki
Phone +358-(0)294 1911 (University)


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Pharmacy is a multidisciplinary field of science that specializes in medicinal treatment and studies drugs, medicines and their development, use and effects mainly from the point of view of natural sciences, health sciences, as well as social sciences.

Research at Divisions

Division of Pharmaceutical Biosciences

Division of Pharmaceutcal Chemistry and Technology

Division of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy

Research Committee

The Research Committee is in charge of preparing and formulating the strategy of research and developing the postgraduate studies.

The Committee is also in charge of planning and developing the research infrastructure in co-operation with the other faculties at the University of Helsinki.

Members of the Research Committee in 2014 - 2017

Vice-dean Risto Kostiainen, chairman
Professor Heikki Ruskoaho
Professor Jouko Yliruusi
Professor Arto Urtti
University Lecturer Leena Hanski
Postgraduate student Elina Hakala
Student Lauri Elsilä

Secretary: planner Maija Tiippana-Usvasalo

Consultant: Head of Administration Leo Pyymäki

Principal investigators of the faculty

Principal investigators