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Faculty Office:
Viikinkaari 5 E (P.O. Box 56)
00014 University of Helsinki
Phone +358-(0)294 1911 (University)


Faculty introduction

Pharmacy is a multidisciplinary field of science. It specialises in pharmaceutical services. Pharmacy is a combination of applied natural sciences, health sciences and social sciences. The Faculty studies drugs and pharmaceuticals and their development, use and effects from various angles.

The Faculty of Pharmacy conducts pharmacological research and provides the highest education in the field in Finland.

The degrees offered by the Faculty are the Bachelor and Master of Science in Pharmacy. The postgraduate degrees are the Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmacy and the Doctor of Philosophy.

The Faculty also provides professional postgraduate education in industrial pharmacy and hospital pharmacy and plays an active part in the continuing education in the field. The Faculty is also nationally responsible for the Swedish‑language Master’s degree programmes in pharmacy.

Faculty graduates have high employment rates in the service of society. They work in expert positions in pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, the pharmaceutical industry and universities and serve as public authorities.