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Adjunct Professor Vânia Moreira highlighted by journal Medical Chemical Communications as one of the New Talents Europe 2016


Vania Moreira

Adjunct Professor Vânia Moreirahas recently been highlighted as one of the New Talents Europe 2016, by the official journal of the European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry (EFMC), the Medicinal Chemical Communications.

She is also a Member of the International Scientific Advisory Committee of the XXIV EFMC International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry, to be held in Manchester, UK in August-September 2016.

Adjunct Professor Vânia Moreira and doctoral student Mikko Vahermo designed and synthesized new compounds that are potent and safe antiprotozoal agents against protozoan parasites causing leishmaniasis and Chagas disease. Both diseases are among the most important human ailments caused by protozoan parasites.

Currently about 37 million people are infected with these parasites and together with malaria and amoebiasis they cause the death of approximately one million people per year.

One of the synthesized compounds is is more effective that the reference drug benznidazole. The compound kills the parasites inside human cells, which is needed to fight these infections at the relevant stages responsible for disease.

Adjunct Professor Moreira specializes in organic and medicinal chemistry and is currently Management Committee Member of the COST Action CM1307 devoted to targeted chemotherapy towards diseases caused by endoparasites, where she represents Finland.