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Welcome to the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Helsinki!

Pharmacy is a multidisciplinary field of science. It specialises in medicinal treatment and studies drugs, medicines and their development, use and effects mainly from the point of view of natural sciences, health sciences, as well as social sciences.

The Faculty of Pharmacy offers Bachelor's, Master's and postgraduate programmes. The Faculty also provides professional postgraduate education in industrial pharmacy for those with a Bachelor or Master's degree in pharmacy and plays an active part in the continuing education in the field.

The Faculty is also nationally responsible for the Swedish-language Master's programmes in Pharmacy.



Unique technique helps building innovative nanomedicines for cancer therapy (16.3.2015)

A new multi-stage nanocomposite for cancer therapy has been produced by nanoprecipitation.

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New information on Parkinson's disease and GDNF (4.3.2015)

Recent Finnish study overturns results from seven years ago. Neurotrophic factor GDNF is not needed by the midbrain dopamine system.

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Testing the possibilities of porous silicon nanoparticles for cancer therapy (24.2.2015)

Anticancer drugs kill the rapidly dividing cancer cells, but they can also cause severe damage to healthy tissues. Nanocarriers can be modified for targeted drug delivery applications. Chang-Fang Wang modified the surface structures of the porous silicon nanoparticles in different ways to enhance their uptake in tumour cells.

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nanoparticles entering a cell

Porous silicon nanoparticles: surface modification has significant effects (11.2.2015)

Mohammad-Ali Shabhazi's doctoral dissertation points out that surface structure can affect the toxicological profiles the, cellular interactions and the therapeutic effects of the porous silicon nanoparticles.

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photo Veikko Somersalo

Apply now for the right to pursue a doctoral degree! (4.2.2015)

Application period is 4–25 February 2015. The applications are sent through an electric application portal Aava.

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Jouni Hirvonen, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy

Memorandum of Understanding signed with the Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, China (23.1.2015)

Joint research topics, researcher and teacher exchange and educational collaboration have been discussed with the GDPU in China. More detailed mutual agreements on different activities are still needed.

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Mohammad-Ali Shahbazi Faculty of Pharmacy

An Iranian research prize for Mohammad-Ali Shahbazi (16.1.2015)

Mohammad-Ali Shahbazi has received prize of the Best Young Researcher of Pharmaceutical Sciences in The 20th Razi Medical Sciences Research Festival, Iran.

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Pharmacy research Top10 index

World-class research in pharmacy at the University of Helsinki (3.12.2014)

Research in pharmacy was rated highly in the Academy of Finland Tieteen tila (The State of Science) report for 2014. Successful recruitments and new technology provide opportunities to further improve the University's international cooperation and funding base.

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Hélder Santos

Reward for exceptionally productive research work for Hélder Santos (6.11.2014)

The Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy has decided to reward Dr. Hélder Santos for his exceptionally productive research work in 2014. Dr. Santos has published 29 articles in peer rewied journals by the end of October.

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€ 283.000 grant for a molecular nanomachine for Hongbo Zhang (28.10.2014)

Dr. Hongbo Zhang has been awarded a Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation grant to build a porous silicon-based multifunctional nanoshuttle for cancer therapy. The grant is for three years.

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Vincenzo Cerullo awarded the Outstanding Young Investigator Award in Gene and Cell Therapy (27.10.2014)


Assistant professor Vincenzo Cerullo has been awarded the Outstanding Young Investigator Award in Gene and Cell Therapy 2014 by ESGCT, European Society of Gene and Cell Therapy. The € 1,000 award is given to a young investigator from PhD through to 9 years post doc.

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A PhD position in Supramolecular Drug Delivery (21.10.2014)


A PhD position in Supramolecular Drug Delivery is available at the Division of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology, University of Helsinki, together with the Biohybrid Materials group at Aalto University.



Monitoring steroids and vitamin D: new methods (2.10.2014)


For analyzing steroids, vitamin D and oxysterols, Linda Ahonen has developed new methods based on mass spectrometry. These compounds, members of the lipid group, are important in the function of the human body. In many cases, the monitoring of these analytes can be of high value.
"With some additional development, some of the presented methods could be implemented for example in routine laboratories", says Linda Ahonen in her doctoral thesis.




New tools for cell therapy developed


Leena-Stiina Kontturi found out in her doctoral dissertation that hydrogel made of cross-linked collagen and interpenetrating hyaluronic acid is promising in capsulating cells producing anti-angiogenic protein for the treatment of retinal neovascularization. She also developed a cell-encapsulating device and a PK/PD model that could be used to predict therapeutic responses after intravitreal anti-angiogenic drug delivery.



porous silicon-based multicomposite carrier

Porous silicon-based multicomposites can carry simultaneously different therapeutical molecules


There is a huge interest for creating multicomposites that could carry several different kinds of therapeutic molecules simultaneously for controlled drug delivery. Dongfei Liu's doctoral dissertation shows how a promising porous silicon-based multicomposite carrier was designed, prepared and characterized. Multicomposite systems represent a promising platform for future targeted combination therapies.



nanocellulose hydrogel liver cells

Wood-derived nanofibrillar cellulose hydrogel suitable for 3D culture of liver cells


New organotypic liver cell cultures are needed to predict the metabolism, excretion, and safety of chemical compounds. Melina Malinen has in her doctoral dissertation developed 3D culture methods for licer cells. In 3D structure, the cells can function more normally than in nowadays more typical 2D cultures.



Heikki Ruskoaho

Professor Heikki Ruskoaho a new chairman of the Board of the Academy of Finland


Professor Heikki Ruskoaho has been appointed a chairman of the Board of the Academy of Finland. The term lasts till the end of 2018.

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Finnish research into ocular medication: FDA funding secured for the first time (27.8.2014)

Research into ocular medication carried out in Finland has secured a significant 250 000 dollar funding from the US Food and Drug Administration, FDA, which oversees the use of drugs and drug approval.