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Welcome to the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Helsinki!

Pharmacy is a multidisciplinary field of science. It specialises in medicinal treatment and studies drugs, medicines and their development, use and effects mainly from the point of view of natural sciences, health sciences, as well as social sciences.

The Faculty of Pharmacy offers Bachelor's, Master's and postgraduate programmes. The Faculty also provides professional postgraduate education in industrial pharmacy for those with a Bachelor or Master's degree in pharmacy and plays an active part in the continuing education in the field.

The Faculty is also nationally responsible for the Swedish-language Master's programmes in Pharmacy.



$4.6 million funding to Valo Therapeutics to accelerate development of a novel oncolytic virus-based cancer immunotherapy

Aa spin-out company from the University of Helsinki is developing a novel cancer immunotherapy platform called PeptiCRAd. PeptiCRAd was originally created by Adjunct Professor Vincenzo Cerullo in the Faculty of Pharmacy.

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First HiLIFE Fellows selected

The HiLIFE Fellows program aims to nurture excellence and increase interactions among researchers from different fields of life science. The first 56 Fellows have been selected for the first 3-year round of the new program.

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EAFP congress

EAFP congress for the first time in Finland

The 2017 EAFP congress17–19 May in Helsnki is focusing on multidisciplinary learning in pharmacy education.


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microreactor for mass spectrometry analysis, photo Elina Raukko

3D printing for more efficient research

With the help of some designing, a few grams of plastic filament and a 3D printer, Faculty of Pharmacy researchers made a unique device for studying chemical reactions, and improved their experimental processes.

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Vincenzo Cerullo

Cancer vaccine PeptiCRAd strives for success

Cancer vaccine developed by professor Vincenzo Cerullo and his IVT Lab heads for clinical trials in South Africa.

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Timo Myöhänen

Finnish researchers correct Parkinson's motor symptoms in mice

A research group led by University of Helsinki Docent Timo Myöhänen has succeeded in correcting the motor symptoms associated with Parkinson's disease in mice. These results are promising in terms of treatment, since Parkinson's disease is practically always diagnosed only after motor symptoms appear.
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EV COre in the University of Helsinki

New extracellular vesicle core launched

Extracellular vesicles have a huge potential to be important biomedical tools for diagnostic and treatment purposes. To help researchers and to promote EV research at the University of Helsinki, a core unit providing EV infrastructure and services has just been established.

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Adyary Fallarero

2.3 million euros to develop 3D printing of anti-infective medical devices

By using 3D printing, PRINT-AID project aims at preventing infections caused by microbial biofilms in medical devices. The project also offers great opportunities for young researchers to move from academy into industry and vice versa, and get exposed to both environments.

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Specialisation Studies in Industrial Pharmacy is starting in 2016!

Application to studies is open! Information on the contents of the new Specialisation studies (postgraduate education programme for Bachelors and Masters of Science in Pharmacy) and the application procedure can be found here!


Gustav Boije af Gennäs

Young Researcher Award of the Faculty to Gustav Boije af Gennäs

This year's Young Researcher Award of the Faculty will be given to Postdoctoral Researcher Gustav Boije af Gennäs. The award includes €10,000 to be used for promoting the research.

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Adenovirus with tumour peptides, Mari Hirvinen's doctoral dissertation

Innovation Prize of the Finnish Chemical Industry to nanocellulose hydrogel

The Finnish Chemical Industry has awarded the UPM GrowDex® nanocellulose hydrogel with the Innovation Prize. The hydrogel has been developed in collaboration with Professor Marjo Yliperttula.

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Mohammad-Ali Shahbazi, Faculty of Pharmacy, Helsinki

UH Doctoral Dissertation Award to Mohammad-Ali Shahbazi

Mohammad-Ali Shahbazi's doctoral dissertation was one of the three awarded by the University of Helsinki. He showed that the surface modification of the porous silicon nanoparticles with different chemical groups, antibodies and polymers can affect the cellular interactions and the therapeutic effects of the nanoparticles. Mohammad-Ali Shahbazi developed methods that will advance cancer research and help develop more effective treatments and medicines..

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Adenovirus with tumour peptides, Mari Hirvinen's doctoral dissertation

Adjunct Professor Vânia Moreira one of the New Talents Europe 2016

Adjunct Professor Vânia Moreira has recently been highlighted as one of the New Talents Europe 2016, by the Medicinal Chemical Communications, the official journal of the European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry (EFMC).

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Adenovirus with tumour peptides, Mari Hirvinen's doctoral dissertation

Personalised cancer treatment a step nearer

Mari Hirvinen has in her doctoral dissertation been developing an oncolytic virotherapy for cancer treatment. PeptiCRAd includes an adenovirus with tumour peptides attached to it. When patient's own tumour peptides are attached, the body's immune system can be encouraged to seek and destroy the tumours.

A Virus in Tumour's Clothing (group leader Vincenzo Cerullo's interview)>>


Tapani Viitala, photo: Elina Raukko

Nanomedicines research could reduce need for animal testing

Tapani Viitala is investigating and developing novel cell-based in vitro methods to support the development of new medicines, especially to explore nanoparticle-based drug delivery systems.


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Assistant Professor Clare Strachan: Towards better nanomedicines


Vincenzo Cerullo photo: Elina Raukko

A virus in tumour's clothing

Cancer vaccine PeptiCRAd, developed by Assistant Professor Vincenzo Cerullo, will be the first ever customisable immunotherapy. A virus covered with peptides from cancer cells directs the body’s anti-viral immunity towards the tumour.


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Microbial biofilm symposium

Microbial biofilm researchers gather in Viikki

The first national meeting in biofilm research will be held in Viikki campus, at the Faculty of Pharmacy on 29 January. Meeting will bring together the groups in Finland performing research in bacterial and fungal biofilms.

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Karmen Kapp doctoral dissertation Mentha

Consumption of Mentha plants may be good for the health (21.12.2015)

According to Karmen Kapp's doctoral dissertation, water extracts of peppermint teas were active against C. pneumoniae in vitro. Water extracts of Mentha plants showed in antibacterial activity against Staphylococcus aureus. Essential oils and mint flavouring hydrodistilled extracts inhibited the growth of Escherichia coli and S. aureus.

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Photos of the decorations of the order of the White Rose of Finland

Prof. Risto Kostiainen and Prof. Arto Urtti awarded decorations by the President of the Republic (3.12.2015)

The President of the Republic, Sauli Niinistö, has decided to award Professor Risto Kostiainen and Professor Arto Urtti the decoration of the Knight, First Class,
of the Order of the White Rose of Finland on the Finnish Independence Day, 6 December.

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medicines, photo: 123rf

Customer relations are essential for successful pharmaceutical product launch (1.11.2015)

A successful pharmaceutical product launch should focus on appropriate relationship marketing activities conducted in a timely manner to achieve customer acceptance and financial launch performance, says Minna Matikainen in her doctoral thesis.



Jari Yli-Kauhaluoma

Alfred Kordelin Prize for Professor Jari Yli-Kauhaluoma (6.11.2015)

Professor Jari Yli-Kauhaluoma has been awarded the Alfred Kordelin Prize for his work in drug development. The € 30,000 prize was handed out on 6 November in Helsinki.

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Raisa Haavikko doctoral thesis dissertation betulin

More efficient derivatives of betulin for drug development (5.11.2015)

In her doctoral thesis, Raisa Haavikko has synthesized betulin derivatives aiming for example at medication against a protozoan parasite Leishmania donovani and aggressive prostate cancer.



Yan-Ru Lou

The future of drug development: A stem cell-derived liver (29.9.2015)

PhD Yan-Ru Lou is developing a 3D liver derived from stem cells. Her work could speed up the drug discovery process considerably and eventually pave the way to personalised drugs.



New tools in pharmacy teaching

Blending experiences: new tools in pharmacy teaching (21.9.2015)

Adyary Fallarero's course combines face-to-face and online lectures, audio feedback and online assignments.



Academy of Finland funding decisions

Computer modelling helps creating drugs that reach even the retina (6.9.2015)

Eva María del Amo Páez developed new computer models for systemic and ocular pharmacokinetics and drug delivery. These models will hopefully speed up the development of new medications. It takes usually 12 to 15 years before a drug candidate reaches the market.



Academy of Finland funding decisions

Three innovative projects get "risk-taking funding" from the Academy of Finland (6.9.2015)

The Academy of Finland has launched a funding trial to support particularly innovative and high-quality projects confirmed to involve promising risk-taking in terms of research. Out of the ten projects funded , three belong to the Faculty of Pharmacy. Leena Kontturi (Light triggered and pH sensitive liposomes with gold nanoparticles for posterior eye drug delivery), Yan-Ru Lou (Stem cell-derived, three-dimensional liver: the missing link in drug discovery) and Tapani Viitala (Real-time label-free cell based in vitro models for mechanistic understanding of emerging nanomedicines).



Multifunctional nanocarrier delivering orally taken drugs, type 2 diabetes

Oral medication for type 2 diabetes one step closer (31.8.2015)

A multifunctional nanocarrier holding anti-diabetic drugs slips right through the biological barriers along the gastrointestinal tract and delivers the medicine to the target.



Faculty for the Future Foundation grant

Oluwaseun Oyemade to receive a Faculty for the Future grant (16.7.2015)

PhD student Oluwaseun Oyemade from Nigeria has been awarded a Faculty for the Future grant of the Schlumberger Foundation. The grant is intended for the 2015-2016 academic year to study under Professor Marja Airaksinen. More than a thousand applications were submitted and only 155 grants were awarded. Oluwaseun Oyemade's project concentrates on urban Nigerians and their coping with different health problems.

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Tuomela nanochrystals

Nanocrystals: more tools for delivering poorly water soluble drugs (16.6.2015)

Nanocrystal technologies have been introduced as advantageous formulation approaches for poorly water soluble molecules. Annika Tuomela studied for her doctoral dissertation both liquid and solid nanocrystal dosage forms and prepared high-quality nanocrystal suspensions using wet milling technique. She also developed an in vivo effective nanocrystal suspension formulation for ocular delivery to treat elevated intraocular pressure.



malaria mosquito

Researchers discover weak spot in malaria-causing protozoan (15.6.2015)

The cell membrane of the protozoan that causes malaria has an enzyme that humans lack. Researchers are now designing a drug that would block the functioning of this enzyme in an effort to destroy the protozoan without impacting its human host.



Arto Urtti CRS

Professor Arto Urtti nominated to the CRS advisory board (11.6.2015)

CRS (Controlled Release Society) is an international organisation covering the field of controlled release: scientific and technical efforts to regulate the spatial and temporal effects of agents in for example human and animal health as well as non-pharmaceutical areas.



Kalle Aaltonen doctoral thesis rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis: biologic drugs at least as safe and efficient as methotrexate (28.5.2015)

Rheumatoid arthritis is treated with synthetic disease-modifying anti-rheumatic (sDMARDs) and biologic drugs. More than 20% of Finnish patients with rheumatoid arthritis are using biologic drugs based on the inhibition of tumor necrosis factor, with a majority of them in combination therapy with sDMARDs. Kalle Aaltonen found out in his doctoral thesis that the efficacy and safety of biologic drugs are comparable to methotrexate and only few differences between individual agents could be observed.

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Amir Akhgari doctoral thesis Rhazya

Rhazya stricta: biotechnological methods developed for alkaloid production (26.5.2015)

Amir Akhgari developed the first simple and efficient gene transfer method  for Rhazya stricta, a traditional medicinal plant in the Middle East and South Asia. Rhazya stricta  produces a large number of terpenoid indole alkaloids, and some of them have important pharmacological properties. He also established new analytical methods which made possible a comprehensive investigation of the alkaloids.

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