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Helsinki Peirce Research Centre
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Phone: +358-(0)9-191 29224
Email: peirce-research(at)

Peirce Resources

A philosophical website that provides coordinated access to the resources on the internet relevant to Peirce, maintained by Joseph Ransdell. Large collections of papers and useful links.

The Peirce Edition Project
Information about the Essential Peirce and Writings editions. Introductions, original texts, and study aids. Includes the important Annotated Catalogue of the Papers of Charles S. Peirce by Richard S. Robin in html format.

Digital Encyclopedia of Charles S. Peirce
An on-line encyclopedia that brings together recent work on Peirce, and work inspired by his thought, in several fields of research. Submitted entries are peer reviewed before acceptance.

Peirce Research Groups

The Institute for Studies in Pragmaticism
Homepages of the oldest organized Peirce research centre.

Grupo de Estudios Peirceanos / Group of Peirce Studies
Home of the Group of Peirce Studies at the University of Navarra. The goal of the group is to promote the study of the work of Peirce, especially in Spain and in the Spanish speaking countries.

Centro de Estudos Peirceanos
Brazilian Peirce studies centre at Pontificia Universidade Católica de Săo Paulo. Pages in portuguese.

Peirce Studies

The Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society
Homepages of the most important journal for Peirce Studies.
A site that provides resources for the study of the life and works of Peirce through the works of Kenneth Laine Ketner. Primarily information on Ketner's His Glassy Essence: An Autobiography of Charles Sanders Peirce.

Charles S. Peirce Studies
Older Peirce studies site that includes some hypertext editions of Peirce's writings.

Related Links

Nordic Pragmatism Network
The Nordic Pragmatism Network aims at bringing together philosophers and scholars working on pragmatism and establishing contacts both inside and outside the Nordic countries. The Helsinki Peirce Research Centre actively participates in the activities of the Network.

The Pragmatism Cybrary
An informative site that focuses on American philosophy and pragmatism, past and present. Bibliographies, short histories, recent publications, conference listings, and more. Maintained by John Shook.

Pragma Cyberlibrary
Texts, interviews, autobiographical materials, references representing diverse currents in contemporary pragmatism. Maintained by the Center for Democratic Culture.

Semiotic linking pages maintained by Göran Sonesson.

The International Research Group on Abductive Inference
Abduction homepage maintained by Uwe Wirth and Alexander Roesler.

Chronology of Pragmatism (in Finnish)
Timeline of pragmatism compiled by Erkki Kilpinen and his students.