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Helsinki Peirce Research Centre
PO Box 9
00014 University of Helsinki

Phone: +358-(0)9-191 29224
Email: peirce-research(at)

Peirce Research at the University of Helsinki


The Helsinki Peirce Research Centre is the home of Peirce studies at the University of Helsinki. Current activities include several research projects, and the guest lectures and seminars of the Helsinki Metaphysical Club. Members of the Centre also maintain the Commens Peirce portal and dictionary.

"Speculative rhetoric has attracted considerable philosophical attention in recent years, especially among Finnish philosophers and Peirce scholars, centering about the University of Helsinki. These have noted that there are extensive affiliations between Peirce's discussions of the communicational and dialogical aspects of semeiotic, on the one hand, and the many and varied “game-theoretical” approaches to logic that have been for some time of interest to Finnish philosophers (as well as many others), on the other hand. Various proposals for game-theoretic semantical approaches to logic have been developed and applied to Peirce's logic, as well as being used to understand Peircean points."