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Helsinki Peirce Research Centre
PO Box 9
00014 University of Helsinki

Phone: +358-(0)9-191 29224
Email: peirce-research(at)



Forthcoming events

See the meetings of the Helsinki Metaphysical Club and events arranged by the Nordic Pragmatism Network.


10 September Workshop: ICON

10-13 (Room 19, University Main Building)
Jean-Marie Chevalier (Helsinki), "Peirce's Struggle with Resemblance"
Marc Champagne (Helsinki), "Introducing Peircean Iconicity to Reshape Current Debates about Consciousness"


14-16:30 (Room 20, University Main Building)
Sami Paavola (Helsinki), "Abduction and Iconicity"
Francesco Bellucci (Tallinn), "What is a Logical Diagram?"
Amirouche Moktefi (Tallinn), "On Formal Languages as Cognitive Technologies"

Henry Bacon (Helsinki), "Icon, Cognition & Moving Pictures"
Benoit Gaultier (Helsinki), "Mysterious Iconic Skeleton Ideas"
A.-V. Pietarinen & Jukka Nikulainen (Tallinn & Helsinki), "Editing the Diagrams in _Logic of the Future_"

16:30-18 (Room 20)
General meeting

The workshop is organized by the DiaMind project and the Helsinki Metaphysical Club.

Conference: Applying Peirce 2.


11-13 June Workshop: Peirce the Mathematician.


19-20 May Symposium: Peirce and Early Analytic Philosophy.


4 June James Campbell (The University of Toledo): "The Roots of Diversity in Pragmatic Thought" (16.00 pm, Research Seminar at the Department of Philosophy, sr 222)

2-4 June The First Nordic Pragmatism Conference: Pragmatism in Science, Religion, and Politics (Organized by the Nordic Pragmatism Network and the Philosophical Society of Finland at Tieteiden talo, Helsinki)

30 May Discussion: "Peirce, James and Their Philosophical Correspondence" (Helsinki Metaphysical Club, 13.00 pm, sr 222)

29 May Douglas Anderson (Southern Illinois University at Carbondale): "Living a Tradition: Pragmatists' Bequest" (16.00 pm, Research Seminar at the Department of Philosophy, sr 222)


20 Nov Henrik Rydenfelt: "William James on Self-Verifying Beliefs" (16.00 pm, Research Seminar at the Department of Philosophy)

21 Sep Helmut Pape: "Searching For Traces. Indexical Signs, Experience and the Generality of Peirce's Theory of Indices" (14.00 pm, Helsinki Metaphysical Club)

20 Sep Helmut Pape: "Thinking and Acting. The logical background of Peirce's pragmatism" (16.00 pm, Research Seminar at the Department of Philosophy)

11-13 June Conference: Applying Peirce

6 Feb Henrik Rydenfelt: "Philosophical Correspondence - Some Editorial Challenges" (Helsinki Metaphysical Club)


2 Dec Semiotiikan päivät 2006: Peirce Symposium
Mats Bergman, Erkki Kilpinen, Sami Paavola, Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen

5 Sep
Peter H. Hare: "The Thickening of Holistic Pragmatism from "Two Dogmas" to the Present: A Narrative Sketch" (Helsinki Metaphysical Club)

19 May
Vincent Colapietro: "Testing Our 'Intuitions': Pragmatist Deconstruction of Our Cartesian Inheritance" (Helsinki Metaphysical Club)


2 Dec Semiotiikan päivät 2005: Peirce ja pragmaattinen semiotiikka (pj. Erkki Kilpinen).


Pentti Määttänen: "Secondness ja konventionaalisuuden rajat"

Tarja Knuuttila: "Resistanssin käsite tieteen- ja teknologiantutkimuksessa"

Mats Bergman: "Ei totuutta ilman vastustusta: Tutkimuksen dynamiikka C. S. Peircen mukaan"

Sami Paavola: "Keksimisprosessien abduktiivinen käsitteellistäminen ja todellisuuden vastarinta"

13 Aug
Symposium 'Cognition, Signs, Diagrams: Peircean Perspectives' (chair: Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen) at the ESPP European Society for Philosophy and Psychology Conference, 11-14 August, 2005, Lund, Sweden.


Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen: "Modelling mental spaces upon Peirce's logical diagrams"

Sami Paavola: "Peirce's semeiotic pragmatism as a philosophical basis for distributed cognition"

Mats Bergman: "Logical Machines and Living Minds"

Earlier events

Please see the programmes of the Helsinki Metaphysical Club.