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24.4. Gabriele Gava (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main): "The Role of Methodeutic and Speculative Rhetoric within Peirce’s Classification of the Sciences"
(Main building, lecture room 20, 2-4 pm)

26.2. Robert B. Talisse (Vanderbilt University): "A Pragmatist Defense of Ideal Theory"
(Main building, lecture room 19, 4-6 pm)

10.2. Marc Champagne (University of Helsinki): "Brandom, Peirce, and the overlooked friction of contrapiction"
(Main building, lecture room 19, 4-6 pm)



10.9. Workshop: ICON

10-13 (Room 19, University Main Building)
Jean-Marie Chevalier (Helsinki), "Peirce's Struggle with Resemblance"
Marc Champagne (Helsinki), "Introducing Peircean Iconicity to Reshape Current Debates about Consciousness"


14-16:30 (Room 20, University Main Building)
Sami Paavola (Helsinki), "Abduction and Iconicity"
Francesco Bellucci (Tallinn), "What is a Logical Diagram?"
Amirouche Moktefi (Tallinn), "On Formal Languages as Cognitive Technologies"

Henry Bacon (Helsinki), "Icon, Cognition & Moving Pictures"
Benoit Gaultier (Helsinki), "Mysterious Iconic Skeleton Ideas"
A.-V. Pietarinen & Jukka Nikulainen (Tallinn & Helsinki), "Editing the Diagrams in _Logic of the Future_"

16:30-18 (Room 20)
General meeting

The workshop is organized by the DiaMind project and the Helsinki Metaphysical Club.


25.3. Benoit Gaultier (University of Helsinki): "Ramsey against Pragmatism on Belief, Truth, and Inquiry"
(Main building, lecture room 4, 4-6 pm)

30.1. Amanda Hicks (SUNY Buffalo): "Abduction and Ampliative Inference"
(Unioninkatu 38, room A219, 2nd floor, 3-5 pm)



17.12. Diagram afternoon with
Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen: "DiaMind: Logical and Communicative Aspects of Iconicity"
Amirouche Moktefi (Tallinn University of Technology): "Lewis Carroll's Game of Logic"
Francesco Bellucci (Tallinn University of Technology): "'Logic as Semeiotic'. Peirce's Philosophy of Logic"
(lecture room 14, 2-5 pm)

2.12. Epistemology afternoon with
Zheng Weiping (Xiamen University): "On Peirce's Norm of Belief"
Chen Jiaming (Xiamen University): "Conceptual Realism:An Interpretation of Kant's Philosophy"
(lecture room 19, 4-6 pm)

27.8. Marco Annoni (Ifom-Ieo, Italy): "Ethics and Objectivity in Healthcare: the Case of Placebo Responses" (lecture room 19)



10.1. Jukka Nikulainen (University of Helsinki): "Pragmatic Intentions - Pragmatism as the Science of Intentionality" (Aud X)

24.1. Jari Palomäki (University of Tampere): "Why I Am not a Pragmatist" (Aud VI)

7.2. Marko Marila (University of Helsinki): "Arkeologisen tiedon abduktiivisuudesta" (Sali 11)

21.2. Lauri Järvilehto (Aalto University): "Characteristics of Intuitive and Non-Conscious Thought" (Aud X)

6.3. Ossi Ollinaho (Aalto University): "Institutionalization and Matter"(Aud VI)

20.3. Panu Raatikainen (University of Helsinki): "Pricen (ja Putnamin) argumentit representationalismia vastaan" (Aud X)

3.4. Tuukka Kaidesoja (University of Helsinki): "Kollektiiviset toimijat ja mekanismeilla selittämisen metodologia" (Aud X)

17.4. Alan Warde (Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies): "Eating Habits" (Aud X)

8.5. Tarja Knuuttila (University of Helsinki): Cancelled



27.9. Erkki Kilpinen (University of Helsinki): "George Herbert Mead as an Empirically Responsible Philosopher"

18.10. Henrik Rydenfelt (University of Helsinki): "Peirce and Contemporary Pragmatism: Three Themes" (abstract)

8.11. Jukka Nikulainen (University of Helsinki): Meeting cancelled

29.11. Antti Gronow (University of Helsinki): "Analyzing Culture: The Diffusion of Representations and Habits in Social Networks"


25.1. Sami Paavola (University of Helsinki) & Lauri Järvilehto (University of Jyväskylä): "The Mystery of the Method"

15.2. Frank Martela (University of Helsinki): "Ethics of Situational Growth – A Pragmatic Approach for Being Moral"

8.3. Merja Bauters: "On Signs and Affordances" (view slides)

22.3. Hania Michalczyk (The Pontifical University of John Paul II in Cracow): "A Rhetoric without a Man? Some Thoughts on a Possible Key to Ch. S. Peirce's Speculatice Rhetoric""

19.4. Antti Gronow: "From Habits to Social Structures"



10.8. Robert Sinclair (Brooklyn College): "Quine's Early Pragmatism"

10.9. Susan Haack (University of Miami): "Belief in Naturalism: An Epistemologist’s Philosophy of Mind"
N.B. Meeting in Porthania P724 at 2 pm.

16.9. David Hildebrand (University of Colorado): "Dewey and Objectivity"
Vironkatu 1, seminar room 446 at 2 pm.

12.10. Frank Martela (University of Helsinki): "Truth as Intersubjective Epistemological Commitment – a Pragmatic Account of Truth"
N.B. New location, Main Building hall 16.

2.11. Erkki Kilpinen (University of Helsinki): "Pragmatic Theory of Action"
Business meeting.

16.11. Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen (University of Helsinki): TBA.

7.12. Possible meeting.


26.1. Mats Bergman: "Peirce and Schiller on Philosophical Anthropomorphism"

2.2. Lauri Järvilehto: "Pragmatic A Priori Knowledge"

16.2. Pentti Määttänen: "Arvot ja tosiasiat pragmatismissa"

23.2. Avril Styrman: "Armstrong's Universals Mapped within Peirce's Triads (Firstness, Secondness, Thirdness)"

2.3. Jussi Saarinen: "Kant ja skeptisismi"

23.3. Sami Pihlström: "On the European Roots and Fruits of American Pragmatism"

6.4. Jukka Nikulainen: "F.C.S. Schillerin pragmatistisesta formaalin logiikan kritiikistä"

20.4. Timo Eskola: "Semiosiksen ja semantiikan mallien jännite: huomioita Derridan ongelmallisesta Peirce-luennasta"

4.5. Pärttyli Rinne: "Charles Peircen rakkauden filosofia: totuuden rakkaus ja evolutiivinen rakkaus"



17.2. Erkki Kilpinen: "Pragmatism as a Philosophy of Action"

10.3. Tuomas Ylä-Anttila: "Yhteiskunnallisten liikkeiden teorian pragmatistinen kritiikki"

27.3. Vitaly Kiryushchenko (St. Petersburg State School of Economics): "Peirce's Semiotics and Russian Formalism: the Story of Oedipus Rex"
N.B. This Friday session takes place at the Department of Philosophy (Siltavuorenpenger 20 A), seminar room 222 on the second floor at 4 pm.

31.3. Mats Bergman: "Improving Our Habits: Peirce and Meliorism"

21.4. Pentti Määttänen: "Pragmatismi vaihtoehtona klassiselle filosofialle"
Alustus pohjautuu dos. Määttäsen tuoreeseen kirjaan Toiminta ja kokemus (Gaudeamus, 2009).

12.5. Lauri Järvilehto: "Meaning and Action: The Significance of Activity and Anticipation in Intensional Semantics" "

26.5. Mikko Kahri: "Toiminta ja konteksti vauvan liikerytmissä ja Charles Goodwinin ajattelussa"


The autumn sessions take place at Vironkatu 1, seminar room 346, on Tuesdays at 6 pm.

10.9. Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen: "Toinen Metafyysinen klubi 1879-1885"
N.B. Thursday meeting.

22.9. Mikko Martela: "Pragmatism as an Attitude"

20.10. Jukka Nikulainen: "Peirce ja F.C.S. Schillerin humanismi"

3.11. Antti Gronow: "Pragmatism and Social Theory"

1.12. Sami Pihlström: "The Jamesian Pragmatic Method in the Philosophy of Religion"

15.12. Henrik Rydenfelt: "Jamesin episteeminen vedonlyönti ja Peircen kritiikki"


30 May 2008 Discussion: "Peirce, James and Their Philosophical Correspondence" (with Prof. Douglas Anderson, 13.00 pm, sr 222)

2-4 June 2008 The First Nordic Pragmatism Conference: Pragmatism in Science, Religion, and Politics (Organized by The Nordic Pragmatism Network and the Philosophical Society of Finland at Tieteiden talo, Helsinki)


6.2. Henrik Rydenfelt, "Peirce's Correspondence - Some Editorial Challenges"

Applying Peirce Conference

21.9. Prof. Helmut Pape: "Searching For Traces. Indexical Signs, Experience and the Generality of Peirce's Theory of Indices" (14.00 pm, Department of Philosophy)


Prof. Vincent Colapietro, "Testing Our 'Intuitions': Pragmatist Deconstruction of Our Cartesian Inheritance"

Prof. Peter H. Hare: "The Thickening of Holistic Pragmatism from "Two Dogmas" to the Present: A Narrative Sketch"

Earlier Programmes


16.1Sami Paavola, "Abduktio - joitain perustavia ideoita"

26.2Kimmo Pentikäinen, "Impression, Attention and Sign-Process"

19.3Erkki Kilpinen, "From Instrumental to Normative Rationality. The Dynamics in Peirce´s Conception of Action"

26.3Sami Pihlström, "Peirce vs. James: Susan Haack on Old and New Pragmatism"

9.4Mats Bergman, "The Self as a Sign. Charles Sanders Peirce's Early Conception of the Human Subject"

23.4Mirja Kela, "Alustavia huomioita oppimisesta abstrahointina"

7.5Sami Paavola, "Kolme tapaa käsitellä abduktiota"

21.5Kimmo Pentikäinen, "Ontology of Things"


1.10Leila Haaparanta, "Peircen merkkiteorian filosofinen tausta"

5.11Sami Paavola "C.S.Peircen relevanssi yhteiskuntatieteille - dualismeista dynamiikkaan"

3.12Erkki Kilpinen "Pragmatismin lyhyt historia"


28.1Kimmo Pentikäinen, "Truth and Falsity"

4.3Mats Bergman, Communication and Context"

1.4Pentti Määttänen, Peirce ja Husserl fenomenologiasta"


-Close reading and discussion of the Essential Peirce collections.


13.10Sami Paavola, "C.S. Peirce diagrammaattisuudesta"


14.12Mats Bergman, "Peirce's Communicative Definition of the Sign"


4.4Risto Heiskala, "Merkityksen merkitys: Saussure, Peirce ja fenomenologinen sosiologia"

9.5Erkki Kilpinen, "A Neglected Classic Vindicated. The Place of George Herbert Mead in the General Tradition of Semiotics"


19.10Mats Bergman, "Goal-Directed Processes and Interpretative Purposes: On the Dynamics of Semiosis"

2.11John Deely, "The Beginning of Postmodern Times, or: Charles Sanders Peirce and the Recovery of the Signum"

23.11Tarja Knuuttila, "Visiting and Revisiting the Encyclopedia"

14.12Leija Palin, "The Inner Conflict of Tradition"


30.1 Planning.

20.2Organized debate: "Pragmatismi: menneisyyden haamu vai tulevaisuuden suunnannäyttäjä? Pragmatistisen perinteen merkitys akateemisessa filosofiassa ja sen ulkopuolella."
Speakers: Sami Pihlström and Erkki Kilpinen.

26.3Prof. Eero Tarasti, "Josiah Royce, the American Classic between Hegel and Peirce".

10.4Prof. Ilkka Niiniluoto, "On Abduction".

24.4Boris Vidovic, "Mapping, Blending and Metaphor".

8.5Sami Paavola, "Abduction as a Logic of Discovery - The Importance of Strategies".

15.5Prof. Vilmos Voigt, "János Apáczai Cseren unkarilainen ensyklopedia vuodelta 1653 ja ensimmäiset semioottiset järjestelmät".


24.1 Prof. Dinda L. Gorlée, "Peircean Semiotranslation: Dedicated to Thomas A. Sebeok".

5.2 Doc. Ivan Mladenov, "Charles Peirce's Categories: The Ground and The Silent Effects".

19.2 Ahti Pietarinen, "Peirce's Game-Theoretic Ideas in Logic" (paper in pdf-format).

5.3 Sami Pihlström, "Pragmatism and the Concept of Emergence". (See C. N. El-Hani & S. Pihlström "Emergence Theories and Pragmatic Realism".)

19.3 Sami Paavola, "Peircean Categories and a New Epistemology for Learning". (See S. Paavola, L. Lipponen, & K. Hakkarainen: "Epistemological Foundations for CSCL: A Comparison of Three Models of Innovative Knowledge Communities")

9.4 Arto Siitonen, "Bolzano's Heuristics".

23.4 Mats Bergman, "The Role of Vagueness in Peirce's Theory of Signs".

21.5 Markku Kankkunen, "Concept mapping and Peirce's semiotic paradigm meet in the classroom environment".


24.1 Perspectives on the Philosophy of Charles S. Peirce
A one-day seminar on Peirce's philosophy at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Helsinki


Erkki Kilpinen: "Peirce on Human Intelligence and Reason"

Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen: "Moving Pictures of Thought"

Tommi Vehkavaara: "Peirce's Classification of Sciences - A Tool for Understanding Peirce"

Mats Bergman: "Representationism and Presentationism"

Jaap van Brakel: "What about Natural Laws and Natural Kinds If Chance Is a Factor in the Universe?"

Sami Pihlström: "Peirce, Contemporary Pragmatism, and the Realism-Idealism Controversy"

Ilkka Niiniluoto: "Peirce on Abduction"

Sami Paavola: "Abduction through Grammar, Critic, and Methodeutic"


"Pragmatismi filosofiassa ja yhteiskuntatieteissä"
-kirjahankkeen (toim. Erkki Kilpinen, Osmo Kivinen & Sami Pihlström) tiimoilta kaikille avoin alustus- ja keskustelutilaisuus.


Sami Pihlström "Johdanto - Pragmatismi filosofisena perinteenä"

Erkki Kilpinen "Pragmatismin näkökulman kokonaisvaltaisuudesta"

Sami Paavola & Kai Hakkarainen "Pragmatisistinen välittyneisyys tietoteorian ja oppimisen mallien perustana"

Prof. Nathan Houser (Indiana University, Indianapolis), "Deciding Peirce's Place in the History of Analytical


Prof. Osmo Kivinen:
"Näkökulmia rortylaiseen neopragmatismiin"

Semiotiikan päivät 2004: Peircen semiotiikka/Metafyysinen klubi (pj. Tarja Knuuttila)


Sami Paavola: "Peircen semeiotistinen pragmatismi hajautuneen kognition perustana"

Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen: "Peircen semiotiikan ja nykytieteen yhteyksistä"

Mats Bergman: "Peircen loogiset koneet"


Symposium 'Cognition, Signs, Diagrams: Peircean Perspectives' (chair: Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen) at the ESPP European Society for Philosophy and Psychology Conference, 11-14 August, 2005, Lund, Sweden.


Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen: "Modelling mental spaces upon Peirce's logical diagrams"

Sami Paavola: "Peirce's semeiotic pragmatism as a philosophical basis for distributed cognition"

Mats Bergman: "Logical Machines and Living Minds"

2.12. Semiotiikan päivät 2005: Peirce ja pragmaattinen semiotiikka (pj. Erkki Kilpinen).


Pentti Määttänen: "Secondness ja konventionaalisuuden rajat"

Tarja Knuuttila: "Resistanssin käsite tieteen- ja teknologiantutkimuksessa"

Mats Bergman: "Ei totuutta ilman vastustusta: Tutkimuksen dynamiikka C. S. Peircen mukaan"

Sami Paavola: "Keksimisprosessien abduktiivinen käsitteellistäminen ja todellisuuden vastarinta"