Objectives of the Teachers' Academy

First in Finland

The Teachers' Academy at the University of Helsinki aims to improve the status of teaching in the academic community. By investing in teachers, the University also invests in students and the quality of learning. The Teachers' Academy will provide opportunities to earn merit and reward members of the academic community for their teaching qualifications and expertise. Both communities and individuals are encouraged to develop the quality of teaching in a goal-oriented manner.

By founding the Teachers' Academy, the University wishes to convey that teaching is a valuable core element of academic work, and that similarly to scholarship in research, teaching can also be learned, developed purposefully and disseminated in a collegial manner.

The Teachers' Academy aims to

  • promote the quality of teaching and improve its status in the academic community
  • improve the quality of learning and learning results among students
  • be an important step in an excellent teacher's career
  • improve the status of teaching qualifications and create more comparable documentation
  • provide a multidisciplinary community for teachers, that provides collegial support in the development of teaching and learning and promotes good practices at the University