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Open Access archiving procedure for researchers

The University of Helsinki requires researchers at the University to deposit copies of their peer-reviewed research articles published in academic journals in HELDA, the open digital repository maintained by the University.

Copies are deposited through the University’s TUHAT research information system, from which the article file is automatically transferred to the open repository, HELDA.

Researchers must:
1. Keep the latest peer-reviewed manuscript version of their article accepted for publication for the purpose of archiving.
2. Store the latest manuscript version of the file in TUHAT when storing data about the publication. (TUHAT storage instructions for researcher [intranet])

2.1 Store the file in PDF format. (Instructions)
3. Give permission for open repository storage when saving the file in TUHAT.

After this, the file goes into processing mode in TUHAT so that the OA support staff of the Helsinki University Library can ensure the file’s functionality and the publisher’s open access principles, as well as add the embargo period defined by the publisher, if required.

If the publisher requires a version other than the latest manuscript version (such as the publisher’s own PDF) to be used in an open repository, the OA support staff replace the file in compliance with the publisher’s procedures. The article file can be read, downloaded and printed online from the University of Helsinki’s open digital repository, HELDA, once the embargo period (if defined) expires.

Detailed instructions on using the TUHAT research information system can be found on ALMA.