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Graduate School Law in a Changing World

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Director of the Graduate School:
Professor Kimmo Nuotio
tel +358 9 191 22013
mobile +358 50 4156569

Dr Ida Koivisto
tel +358 9 191 23538

Yliopistonkatu 3 (P.O. Box 4)
FI-00014 University of Helsinki
fax +358 9 191 23090

The Programme of the graduate school


During the programme the researching skills of doctoral students develop gradually from a begin-nerīs level to that of an independent young researcher. Doctoral research process includes different phases where researcher gets support in course of the programme. Students in LCW-programme form a society, where they have the possibility to discuss and to receive peer support as well as reg-ularly feedback. Each doctoral student will get his/her own research tutor.

Doctoral students attend monthly the programme which is organized at various legal units in Fin-land. Every year each doctoral student presents the phase of his or her research both in written form and orally in smaller groups as well as in seminar form. The yearly Lammi seminar is organized each March. Doctoral programme includes individually tailored research exchange or internship at the institutions directly linked with the research area of a doctoral student.

Doctoral programme is accepted and funded by the Finnish Academy of Sciences. Status members are accepted to the programme. Students accepted to the programme participate the whole pro-gramme. It is for each unit to decide how attending the LCW-programme will be credited as a parts for a doctoral degree.

The language of the programme is usually English, especially when foreign doctoral students are attending the programme. LCW is co-operating with foreign participant universities.

The more detailed LCW-doctoral programme is updated at LCW-homepage. Contacts: post-doctoral researcher Suvianna Hakalehto-Wainio (suvianna.hakalehto-wainio[at]


Mastering basic research skills + growing as a researcher

  • research methodology
  • librarian skills
  • research planning and time-management
  • scientific writing
  • supervision of dissertation from the point of view of a supervisor and a doctoral student
  • human rights and constitutional rights in research
  • presentations of the research plans


Developing research skills

  • research methodology
  • European law
  • interdiciplinary legal studies
  • comparative law
  • giving and receiving feedback
  • research ethics
  • excursion abroad
  • half way – seminar: feedback for students


Focus on writing

  • presentation skills
  • coping as a researcher
  • writing and publishing an article
  • research exchange abroad / practical training
  • ū-seminar: feedback for students


Running the final straight to the finish line

  • funding possibilities
  • creating a portfolio
  • publishing dissertation
  • doctors in job market
  • preparing for a doctoral dissertation

Doctoral students are encouraged to have discussion groups and reading groups arranged by themselves. Doctoral students are encouraged to participate seminars and conferences abroad and in Finland.