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Graduate School Law in a Changing World

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Director of the Graduate School:
Professor Kimmo Nuotio
tel +358 9 191 22013
mobile +358 50 4156569

Dr Ida Koivisto
tel +358 9 191 23538

Yliopistonkatu 3 (P.O. Box 4)
FI-00014 University of Helsinki
fax +358 9 191 23090

Welcome to the Graduate School Law in a Changing World!


LCW graduate school covers all fields of legal studies, from various branches of positive law to general jurisprudential studies. Each doctoral student will get acquainted with the europeanisation and the globalisation of law. In 2009 call the emphasis is on comparative law. However, the topic or the approach of the doctoral thesis is not expected to connect tightly with these issues. LCW provides the doctoral students with a systematic 4-year research training programme.

LCW graduate school is headed by professor Kimmo Nuotio (University of Helsinki), and administered in the University of Helsinki. The graduate school is financed by the Finnish Ministry of Education and the Academy of Finland. All three Finnish Faculties of Law as well as other legal university institutes and departments in Finland take part in the graduate school. LCW has close connections with trade and industry, foreign universities, research institutes and research training networks.

The results of the call for applications can be found here.

There will be a new call for applications concerning Law in Changing World doctoral programme on January 8th 2012. Eight (8) full-time graduate school positions will be announced for the period 1.9.2012 31.8. 2016. The positions are meant for student who are beginning their doctoral studies or have recently begun their doctoral studies. For further information, please contact Director of the doctoral programme, Prof Kimmo Nuotio (, or Coordinator, post-doctoral researcher, Dr Ida Koivisto (, tel. +358 9 191 23538.