Helsinki is a big student city and finding accommodation can be a challenge.

That is why we at the University of Helsinki and the Student Union of the University of Helsinki (HYY) have gathered this list of useful hints and the most important sources of information for house hunters.

Most important steps

Reserve time for finding the apartment!
Finding suitable accommodation in the capital region can be challenging as there is lack of housing in the area. You should start searching right away when you receive the acceptance letter! The peak time is in the beginning of the academic year. There is no guarantee that you will get a flat – you have to be active yourself!

Be prepared to pay 400-600 euro per month!
Be prepared to have 700-1000 euro for living expenses per month of which 400-600 euro per month for housing. For the residence permit you are required to have 560 euro per month in your bank account but this is not enough for living in Helsinki.

Apply for an apartment simultaneously through various channels!
If you get a housing offer – take it! You probably won't get another offer and there is no temporary housing available.

Find flat mates!
Get in touch with other new international students and potential flat mates e.g. on Facebook.

Be prepared to live further away from the centre or campus areas!
The public transport in Helsinki is ranked among the best in Europe! You can check the transport connections from your apartment to the campus from the Helsinki Region Transport Journey Planner.

Never send money or your passport information to anyone!
Do not send this information to anyone on the open market before you have seen the apartment and signed a contract! An offer that sounds too good to be true (e.g. a studio flat under 500 euro in the centre) is usually a scam.

Cancel unnecessary applications!
Remember to cancel the unnecessary applications after finding accommodation, because there are other students needing housing in the queue.

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Housing options

HOAS – the Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki region

Hoas is a non-profit organisation providing student housing. For arriving students, Hoas offers rooms in shared apartments as well as family apartments and friend apartments.

It is advisable to apply for an apartment as soon as you receive a confirmation on your place of study - but no sooner than four months before you need the apartment. Your possibilities to receive an apartment from Hoas are improved if you are willing to live outside the centre and campus areas.

Hoas takes care of all housing applications, but the housing offer can also be sent from Unihome or Domus Academica.

However, please remember that applying as soon as possible does not guarantee that you will get an apartment when your studies begin! Hoas cannot guarantee housing for all students. If you haven't received an offer by mid-August it is likely that you
won't get a flat from Hoas by the beginning of September.

If you get a housing offer from HOAS, there will be a mention about the beginning of the tenancy period on the offer. Most HOAS contracts start in August, but for some locations the tenancy period starts September 1st. You are expected to arrive in Helsinki before August 27 so that you can attend the Welcome Fair and orientation course. If your tenancy period starts September 1st, make sure you have booked a hostel or other accommodation for the last days of August.

Housing option for Master's degree students

We have a brand new housing option especially for Master’s degree students: single rooms available in shared apartments within good connections to our campuses and the city centre – and for a reasonable price!

Agronomy and forestry apartments

Latokartano student village provides apartments for students of the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry at the University of Helsinki.

Forestry apartments

The applicant has to be a student of forestry. The freshmen of forestry are preferred as applicants. More information on the Silvica website.


Forenom is an accommodation and relocation service provider. The service covers the supply of accommodation in apartments from studios to family houses, and from basic apartments to luxury housing. Apartments are fully furnished and equipped for quick moving in and comfortable living.

Forenom offers flats for both short and long term needs. The rent starts from approx. 500 euro / month / person (basic apartments). Forenom apartments are best rented with a group of flatmates (notice that you have to form the group yourself!).

Other websites for rental apartments

To help you on the way the Student Union has created a short Finnish-to-English wordlist for househunting.

The University of Helsinki Community Marketplace

Once you have received your University of Helsinki User ID, you can log in to the UH Community Marketplace. Among other things there are notices for renting a flat on the marketplace. You can also post your own listing if you are looking for a place to stay or if you are looking for roommates.

Looking for short term housing for spring or summer?

Unihome offers short term housing for students in the spring or summer. Please contact Unihome directly for more information: unihome(at)helsinki.fi.

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Find flat mates

You can get in touch with other new international students and potential flat mates on Facebook or at the University of Helsinki Community Marketplace.

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No flat before arriving in Finland? Book a hostel room early!

Through the links below you will find some hostel options.

If you haven't received a housing offer by mid-August it is likely that you won't get a flat by the beginning of September. In this case it can be a good idea to secure yourself temporary accommodation for the whole of September right away. Most flats and rooms are vacant from the beginning of the month.

Other options:

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Contact us

Please note that the University of Helsinki does not provide accommodation for students and we cannot guarantee that you will find a place to stay – but we will do our best to inform our students about different providers of housing.

If you have further questions about the contents of this website or you haven't been able to find housing through the channels mentioned above you can contact the University of Helsinki's Student Services at studentinfo(at)helsinki.fi.

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Updated May 28, 2014