Paavo Lipponen to lead a fund-raising campaign of the University of Helsinki

Lipponen, invited to chair the campaign team, seeks results from company cooperation and the alumni spirit.

Paavo Lipponen

In the autumn, the University of Helsinki will launch a fund-raising campaign to support the role of the University as a globally leading research university.

The campaign will be headed by a University alumni committee chaired by Paavo Lipponen, M.Pol.Sc., former Prime Minister of Finland.

Lipponen studied at the University of Helsinki, so this will be a pleasant task for him. He studied at the University for a total of ten years, and says that he has “excellent qualifications” for the task.

The University of Helsinki is already in the top 100 of international university ranking lists. Less than one per cent of the universities of the world make it to the top.

“We are marketing a national resource, a multi-disciplinary, world-class university,” says Lipponen.

The campaign is based on three themes, and the funds raised will be used for supporting research related to the themes. One of the themes includes global change, particularly climate change.

“To approach a multi-disciplinary theme, the University of Helsinki has the required top-notch expertise in various fields. Information provided by basic research is needed as a basis for decision-making,” says Lipponen, emphasising the significance of research.

According to Lipponen, results are achieved through cooperation between high-quality research and companies.

“We can assure the donators that contributing to research is also financially worthwhile. The investment may yield a 25% revenue to the University when the State supports EUR 1 million with EUR 2.5 million.”

With the campaign, Lipponen also wants to promote the alumni spirit and to encourage the alumni to join in with smaller donations too.

“The alumni of the University, which will soon turn 370 years old, really have a story to tell.”

Besides Lipponen and the University Rector, the campaign committee includes Jorma Kaimio, Ph.D.; Heikki Lehmusto, Senior Advisor, LL.M.; Susanna Miekk-oja, Director, BA; Eira Palin-Lehtinen, LL.M.; and Pär Stenbäck, Minister, M.Pol.Sc.

Text: Marja Lintula
Photo: Lehtikuva

Translation: AAC Noodi Oy

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