Students and staff are advised to check their MPR vaccine status

A student who recently started at Helsinki University was diagnosed with measles last week. The person has contracted the disease abroad.

Because the disease is very contagious, the students of the university are advised to check their vaccine status of MMR (Measles, mumps, rubella). Students who have not been immunized with MMR vaccine or who have not had the disease in childhood are advised to take MMR vaccination. The vaccine is available at YTHS and it is free of cost.

If anyone of the participants of “The Swedish for International students I” -language course develops fever, shore throat, rash, cough or red eyes before 21.09.2008, they should contact The National Public Health Institute (KTL) by phone: 09-47448557 (08.00-15.30). After office hours they should call the Aurora hospital: 041-5106138.

KTL,YTHS (Finnish Student Health Service) and Helsinki Health Care Centre have been, or will be in contact with the possibly exposed persons. Since all students do not have a mobile phone number, all the students have not been reached yet.

Further information:

Communicable disease physician Milan Das
National Public Health Institute
Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology and Control
p. (09) 4744 8557

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