Education at the University of Helsinki to be evaluated internationally

An international evaluation will be conducted for the second time. This time, the theme will be the management of educational activities.

Alt-tekstin paikka

The University of Helsinki will conduct an international evaluation of the quality of its education in 2007–2008. The evaluation will focus on the management of educational activities at university, faculty and departmental levels.

As stated in both the Strategic Plan of the University and the Programme for the Development of Teaching and Studies, an international evaluation is organised at regular intervals. The goal is to develop and improve the activities of the entire university community and its various units.

In a discussion held at the university on 17 September, Vice-Rector Hannele Niemi said that the 2002 evaluation was sometimes rather arduous, and failed to serve its purpose in the best possible way. The narrower focus is expected to provide more concrete directions for the development of teaching. Niemi said that in many discussions, people highlighted the management of teaching as a matter that should be developed and evaluated.

The evaluation will look into the practices of academic and administrative management that are used by faculties and departments when planning and implementing their bachelor’s and master’s level education.

An international panel will be invited to conduct the evaluation. The panel will be in Finland in autumn 2008, and the results will be available by the end of that year. The results and feedback will be used in the Programme for the Development of Teaching and Studies, in the objectives of the faculties and departments and in the preparation of the university strategy.

Text: Heidi Haapalainen
Photo: Eero Roine

Translation: Valtasana Oy

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