Finland needs universities

The Finnish Council of University Rectors proposes university development policies for the Government Programme 2007.

Alt-tekstin paikka The Finnish Council of University Rectors (FCUR) has published an agenda proposing measures to strengthen the funding, administrative and financial status and international competitiveness of Finnish universities. According to FCUR, these measures will enable Finnish universities to meet the challenges of the information society.

FCUR proposes that the 2007 Government Programme include a commitment to secure the funding of universities by legislation. More resources should also be directed to universities in line with the proposals adopted by the Science and Technology Policy Council of Finland.

The agenda proposes that the share of general expenses in research funding be revised and that changing over to overall funding be considered. The availability of professional researchers should also be ensured by allocating sufficient resources and developing researcher career paths.

The FCUR furthermore suggests amendments to the Universities Act. It feels that the option of a fund-based economy should be extended to all universities. The Government should also prepare legislation on the status of universities as legal entities.

The Government is also expected to enhance the internationalisation and competitiveness of universities in the international education and research market, and to clarify the distinction between universities and polytechnics.

The full text of the agenda can be read on the FCUR website.

Text: Heidi Haapalainen
Photo: Euroopan unioni

Translation: Valtasana Oy

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