Porthania’s Unicafe closed for renovations

The cafeteria, serving approximately a thousand customers daily, will close its doors on 10 September.

Porthania's Unicafe Fortunately, the three other large Unicafes in the centre of Helsinki – in the main building, Metsätalo and Ylioppilasaukio – have enough capacity to feed hungry students even after Porthania closes.

"We began to prepare for the change well in advance. The Metsätalo cafeteria was fitted with a new dish return area and the one in Ylioppilasaukio was completely overhauled. This gave us more seats. The main building can also accommodate three hundred customers more than now," says Managing Director Arja Kosonen of Unicafe.

The majority of Unicafe’s customers come there for lunch. The cafeterias are at their fullest between half past eleven and one o’clock.

"You can avoid the crowds by having lunch a little later, around two o’clock. If there are enough customers, we could keep the cafeterias open later than now."

Porthania’s Unicafe will open its doors once again in two years, when the renovation of the entire building is complete.

"The cafeteria, which will remain in the same place, will be almost completely modernised while preserving Porthania’s atmosphere and architecture. New kitchen equipment will enable us to provide an even more varied menu."

Text and photo: Sanna Schildt

Translation: Valtasana Oy

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