The new academic year begins

The Opening Ceremony of the new academic year 2003–2004 at the University of Helsinki is held on 10 September 2003, in both a formal and more carnival-like mood.

The formal Opening Ceremony begins in the Great Hall of the Main Building at 12.15 pm. The programme includes the opening speech by Rector Ilkka Niiniluoto, followed by addresses from Elisa Hyytiäinen, Chair of the University of Helsinki staff association HYHY, and Lauri Korkeaoja, Chairman of the Student Union. Music is performed by the Student Orchestra of the University of Helsinki.

After the Opening Ceremony at 1.30pm, the audience is invited to join a procession to the Cathedral for the church service.

In the afternoon, the celebrations will take on a more informal note, when the Opening Carnival kicks off on the City Centre Campus, in front of Porthania, at the Main Building, Aleksandria Learning Centre and the University of Helsinki Library, beginning at 2.30. Vice Rector Thomas Wilhelmsson opens the Carnival on behalf of the University in front of Porthania at 3 pm.

Niina Haasola

Translation: Valtasana Oy

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