Both Anders Jahre science awards to the University of Helsinki

Academy Professor Kari Alitalo has been awarded the 2010 Anders Jahre science award. The Young Scientists award went to Professor Mikko Niemi.

Kari Alitalo

The Anders Jahre Senior Medical Prize 2010 was awarded to Kari Alitalo as recognition of his long-term and pioneering research on the development and formation of lymphatic vessels.

Alitalo has demonstrated that the development of blood and lymph vessels play a deciding role in the growth and spread of cancer and his research has led to the development of new, promising methods of cancer and metastases treatment. The Anders Jahre Senior Award is worth NOK 1,000,000.

The Anders Jahre Prize for Young Scientists of NOK 400,000 is to be shared between Mikko Niemi, Professor of Pharmacogenetics, University of Helsinki and Professor Robert Fenton, University of Aarhus.

- I am very proud to receive this valuable award and it is particularly wonderful to receive such recognition at this early stage of my career. Naturally, the credit for this award goes to the entire research group and everyone who has supported my work. It is impossible to do this kind of research alone, says Niemi.

Professor Niemi studies the effect of genes on the efficiency and safety of pharmaceutical products. The aim is to develop individual medical treatments, so that each patient would get the best possible impact with as few side effects as possible.

The Anders Jahre Awards are awarded as recognition of exceptionally high-quality medical research in the Nordic countries. Nominees can be put forward by all tenured professors of medicine working in the Nordic countries. The selection is made by an expert committee and the award is given out by the University of Oslo.

The award ceremony will take place in Oslo on 8 October.

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Text: Päivi Lehtinen
Photo: Veikko Somerpuro
Translation: AAC Global

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