Innovations solve challenges in forest management

International seminar on 6 August as part of Helsinki Summer School

forest Demand for forest resources is increasing due to demographic growth, economic development and the need for bioenergy. These global challenges call for innovation in forest management and the social management of wood supply in industry.

Innovations in forest management will be discussed at a seminar on Wednesday, 6 August which opens the Innovations in Industrial Management course of Helsinki Summer School.

The seminar will offer interesting presentations by leading international experts. One of the speakers will be Jan Heino from the Forestry Department of the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).

"The seminar combines ecological, technical and economic perspectives and also includes the history of forest management," says Mika Rekola, lecturer at the Department of Forest Economics of the University of Helsinki.

The University of Helsinki has developed forestry teaching and research in cooperation with the University of São Paolo in Brazil and Stellenbosch University in South Africa.

"The forest industry has become global. Finnish forest industry companies have wood plantations in tropical countries. We have to have people who are familiar with different environments," says Mika Rekola, explaining the background of the international cooperation.

Approximately 20 students from 13 countries will participate in the Innovations in Industrial Forests Management course.

"The content of the course is highly multidisciplinary and combines theory with practice. The studies are geared toward workshops and during the course the students will hear descriptions of experiences in various countries, including Finland. The organisers and teachers of the course also learn from the course participants," says Gabriela Albarracin, the coordinator of the course at the University of Helsinki.

You can also follow the seminar on the Internet. More information on the seminar programme.

Text: Tapani Sainio
Photo: Lauri Laakso

Translation: AAC Noodi Oy

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